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This week, we are loving a very special eco-hero.

Every once in a while, we are at a loss for words.

This is one of those rare times.

When I began to write this afternoon, after updating the calendar, preparing all the images, pulling some directory listings and getting everything ready to go, as usual, I still had no idea what the message would be.

Still, I had no idea what I would share.

So, I decided to shift gears and check my email.

After reading a note in a conversation with a friend, I just knew.

Craig Leeson is speaking at The Royal Geographical Society this evening after a screening of A Plastic Ocean. In our email exchange, I had suggested a moment of silence for a lost hero. He agreed it is a good idea, but it would be up to the organizers. So, I wrote to the organizers and we'll see what happens.

I have no idea whether my suggestion will be taken to hold a moment of silence for a young Canadian film maker who devoted his life to protecting the ocean.

Many in our Hong Kong marine conservation community came to know and love Rob Stewart for his open-hearted love of our natural world and his single-minded desire to ensure everyone knows the vital importance of our relationship with nature.

Rob was filming for Sharkwater Extinction in Florida last week when he went missing. His best friend rallied a call for help that garnered support from around the world. As I watched Tyler Macleod's heartfelt live updates, I knew I was witnessing something spectacular.

Although the outcome of the search was not what we were wishing for, it is entirely possible that the results will be far more positive than even Rob could imagine. This is a perfect example of putting all of our love and energy into something and then trusting.

What I saw and read was remarkable. Every person I connected with is fueled by their love for Rob to carry on his mission.

As his final act in this lifetime, Rob raised a level of awareness among the US coast guard, regular pilots and captains and marine personal along with supporters and media professionals to fund search efforts that reached as far as Richard Branson. Like a celebrated artist whose work suddenly increases in value with his untimely departure, we are seeing the immediate impact in the telling of his story by people who love him. The value of his mission is priceless and it is on the rise.

No one who stepped up to assist the search or reads these loving words can remain unaware of this young man's mission.

I will continue to keep you posted with updates from our local heroes who are always open to our friendly assistance.

A few years ago, I was introduced to Tyler and Rob by Lisa and Nissa of HK Cleanup and my thoughts are with them especially as they celebrate the results of their 16th annual cleanup. 80,210 participants collected 48,070,857 pieces of trash weighing in at 5,567,680 kilograms from country trails, city streets and coastal areas around Hong Kong.

There are a couple of other fresh, local campaigns I would like to share with you today but the clock is ticking and I still have a lot of technical pieces to complete before I can click send on this week's update. If you are on social media, you will see shared links and new features on the website throughout the week.

We will take a few minutes to share our love for Rob when gather on February 23 for our next SoulFood Social.

How are you inspired by love?


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