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21 January 2020 |

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One of my favorite things about Hong Kong is our diversity.

When the British planted their flag in 1841, there were 7,450 fisherman and farmers living relatively quiet lives in villages throughout the territory. Since that time, Hong Kong has been a place of escape -- from floods and famine and typhoons and the cultural revolution in mainland China -- until we were 3.1 million in 1960 and by the end of 2018, the world's biggest fishing village was home to 7.5 million people from everywhere.

Very few of us are from here. From the beginning, we have come from somewhere else. We have arrived and relied on those who came before us to help us find our way. We have learned from each other, supported each other and grown families and businesses together. Our relationships circle the globe in ways others could not imagine -- welcoming immigrants and expatriates and refugees from every part of the world while nurturing a local culture that has been exported to every Chinatown in every city on earth.

We come and we go and some of us stay, but while we are here we belong and when we go we carry a new sense of understanding of the wide variety of beautiful humans sharing our little blue planet.

Over the coming days, transportation networks around the world will feel the energy of our shared history as travelers make their way home to celebrate belonging with family.

While we may not feel we belong anywhere, there is a sense of place that comes when we discover that calm centre within us, reminding us that belonging is a discipline. More than an address, it is a state of mind and it comes from love and serves with love and lives in love next to kindness and compassion.

Our local network is living proof of what happens when community forms around purpose and the evidence is clear in the variety of events happening every week. We rely on our members to find ways to restore balance and to help us stay connected to reality in our rush to keep up with the pace.

While the world out there continues to change, our reliance on each other remains steadfast.

How do you belong?


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"I love the sense of belonging in Hong Kong. I love that it is such an international city. I love our food and our language. The people are energetic and passionate. I just really love this city." Joshua Wong


Jan 21 (10am-12:30pm) Crafty Charity Social | Central | Crafty Charity > details

Jan 21 (6-9pm) When Style Meets Feng Shui | Wong Chuk Hang | HULA > details

Jan 21 (6:30-8:30pm) Mindful Tai Chi and Chinese Calligraphy | the Hive Kennedy Town > details

Jan 22 (7-8:15pm) Healthy Hormones and Cycles | Her Yoga Practice > details

Jan 22 (9:30-11:30pm) Sohofama 5th Year Anniversary | Central | Sohofama > details

Jan 23-31 (8:45am-5:20pm) CNY Outdoor Camps | Mui Wo | Ark Eden > details

Jan 25 Chinese Lunar New Year's Day

Jan 25 (5:42am) New moon

Jan 25-31 (8am-8pm) Street Cleaner Appreciation Day | Sham Shui Po | The Guest Room | impactHK > details

Jan 25 (9:40am-5:30pm) Garden Genies | Mui Wo | Ark Eden > details

Jan 27 Third day of Chinese Lunar New Year

Jan 27 (10am-12pm) A Walk To Remember | Lantau Island | One Love > details

Jan 28 Fourth day of Chinese Lunar New Year

Jan 29 (7-8:30pm) Mantra.Music.Meditation with Vaiyasaki Das | Yau Ma Tei | Yuti > details

Jan 31 (7-9pm) Splashin' Orange Wine Tasting | Central | La Cabane Wine Bistro > details

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Feb 3-12  Get Redressed Pop Up Shop

Feb 21-23 LOHAS Expo & Vegetarian Food Asia

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Nectar (formerly Grassroots Pantry) now is available for catering and venue bookings.

Watch the new season of Frontline Fashion as Cycle 10 of the Redress Design Awards is open for applications.

Redress is hiring an Events Director with organizational skills and a flair for fashion to join the team in Hong Kong.

Martin Williams of Hong Kong Outdoors captured an uncommonly beautiful winter visitor in Chater Garden on Sunday.

Time Out has just published a guide to where we can give any unwanted items a new life during our spring clean.

We have been approached by a company looking to purchase a recycling business in Hong Kong -- get in touch.

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