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This week we are following public health guidelines.

For the first time since 2001, I have suspended new calendar listings.

The personal newsletter is now complimentary until further notice.

I will recycle 2003 SARS essays while updating the directory.

Take a deep breath for someone who can't breathe now.

4 Dec 03 - celebrating passion

This week's heartbeat is delivered
with excitement for passion re-kindled.

Yesterday i had the good fortune to spend time
with people who have connected with their passion.

Life shifts into the moment when we love what we are doing
and we are fueled by our own passion and unique creativity.

Whether it is music, sport, entertainment or a lifestyle
that speaks to us, each of us offers our unique expression.

What others may call drudgery, we dive into with great
enthusiasm because it is a celebration of who we are.

There is magic in allowing our unique gift
to direct the creation of our prosperity.

When it doesn't feel like work,
we have access to boundless energy.

The challenge appears when we attempt to
package our passion into a traditional role.

We are called to consider that there are
limitless options for structuring our lives.

It can take time to adapt to a new life
where we are the masters of our time.

My passion leads me to the directory.
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How do you acknowledge your passion?


HK heartbeat

"When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love." Marcus Aurelius

Listen to your own heartbeat.

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Support our social heroes with your time and dollars.

David Owens at OT&P Healthcare explains Covid-19 in nine easy questions.

Sonalie at Green Queen is gathering a live donation links to support local charities.

WWF teams up with local food delivery companies to tackle single use plastic waste.

Gary at Oceans Asia has an update on soiled masks landing on beaches and hiking trails.

IMI Integrated Medicine Institute is promoting integrated immunity.

Purchase from local businesses providing home delivery services.

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Public Health Announcement

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With effect 23 March 2020, all calendar updates are suspended until further notice.

Trusted events will be shared in our moderated Facebook group where members will monitor and comment on the immediate relevance and relative safety of proposed gatherings.

Our intent is to continue providing urgent and trusted medical advice, reliable wellness information, personal care advice, mental health support and innovative opportunities to support each other as individuals and businesses so we emerge from the following months even stronger and closer and more resilient than we are right now.


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