HK heartbeat | weekly update | 9 June 2015

This week we are aiming for zero.

It is only day two of my pledge to consume no plastic for Zero Waste Week and I have already been challenged by the size of the task I set for myself.

The media is on board with lots of fresh how-to articles like this one from HK Magazine on how to live a zero carbon life in Hong Kong, a bold move in a city famous for celebrating outrageous spending habits.

We know our convenient lifestyle is wasteful and unsustainable, but it is just oh, so comfortable. We continue eating out of disposable single-serving containers, purchasing our drinks in plastic bottles, relying on single-passenger transportation, dressing in the latest style that is designed to become unfashionable in 2 months, buying the latest new gadget even though our current recent favorite still has plenty of life and counting on those wonderful armies of cleaners to quietly pick up the big mess we leave behind after a big night out on the town or a big day out in the countryside. We beat the stinky summer heat by staying indoors, cranking the air-con and switching on any electronic device that will distract us from the polluted reality out there.

Yesterday, I was running late for a meeting and wanting to grab a quick bite but there was nothing available without the plastic wrapper. I had remembered to pack my glass bottle, but found only one place to refill it on my way home at the end of a long day. The water and beverage options were only available in plastic and there were a lot of them. My cunning plan to shop for groceries ahead of the challenge did not materialize and I now am faced with the next adventure of finding what I need at the supermarket sans-plastic.

It has surprised me to realize the number of times I have been telling myself -- just this once.

There must be an entrepreneur out there who sees the opportunity to start a plastic to cash exchange in Hong Kong and capitalize on street-level collection infrastructure already in place for cardboard and aluminum. Though it's early days, growing awareness is leading to growing demand for products made from recycled materials. In Japan. there is a new machine to convert plastic to oil.

I would love for these discussions to reach the Global Summit on June 11 where thought leaders and change makers will gather to address the issues. Green Drinks will host 3 of the international guests speakers to address Steps towards Zero Waste for Hong Kong. I am pleased as punch to see so many of our HK heartbeat members taking the stage at the summit and participating at the Family Festival over the weekend.

Lots of our members have lots of other stuff going going on, including ongoing fundraising for Nepal, and our new calendar format means more daily updates so we can bring you more fresh events. If I could clone myself, this would be the week so I could catch up with friends at the annual Evolution Asia Yoga Conference on June 11-14 where our yoga members will be teaching classes, leading discussions and selling their pretty things.

Many new social networks are forming around shared interests and I was honored to be invited as a guest speaker for the Green and Sustainability Meetup last evening. Meeting new people who are actively growing food and sharing with others who take a keen interest in sustainability gives me great reason to celebrate and the motivation to keep on keeping on.

What is your approach to zero?


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"The most dangerous kind of waste is the waste we do not recognize." Shigeo Shingo

Zero Waste Global Summit - June 11

A goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary

The inaugural Zero Waste Global Summit is the anchor event of Hong Kong's first Zero Waste Week, a city-wide thought leadership campaign happening June 7-14 toward a brighter, cleaner future. Around the world, companies, schools, offices, events, cities and countries are setting Zero Waste targets and addressing the problems of overflowing landfills and plastic-filled oceans. Zero Waste means improving design and management and processes to avoid and eliminate vast amounts and toxicity of waste and materials while conserving and recovering resources. Supporters include HK Cleanup, The Nature Conservancy, Ark Eden, ESF, Cyberport and  Ocean Park Conservation Foundation.

ENQUIRIES : Ecozine | Email : | Tel : +852 2868 5585

QUICK LINK : Zero Waste Week | WEBSITE :

Adopt-A-Temple - June 12

Fundraising Dinner and Talk with Laurence Brahm

Laurence Brahm, founder of the Himalayan Consensus Institute, is leading a restoration project to rebuild damaged buildings and temples in Durbar Square and the adjacent Royal Palace representing the spiritual identity of Nepal. These community gathering places provide a direct link to the cultural heritage and identity of Nepal's people. The revival and reconstruction of the temples will create employment for unemployed crafts artisans and benefit entire families, giving directly to the community a sense of re-empowerment. Join in protecting our world spiritual heritage. Tickets are HK$1,000 for the inspired fundraiser on Friday, June 12 at KEE Club (32 Wellington Street, Central) with networking from 7pm followed by the 7:30pm talk and dinner at 8pm.

QUICK LINK : Dinner and Talk at KEE Club with Laurence Brahm

RSVP : Jeanne Lim | Email: | Tel:  +852 9038 4443

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16 Sit Down Comedy | TEDx Hong Kong

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