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This week we are getting out.

The mercury has dropped and the time has arrived for outdoor activities.

Choose from festivals and markets or get on your bike or hit the trails and breathe with the trees.

Martin Williams from HK Outdoors has got us covered with The 25 Best Day Walks in Hong Kong and he's lined up a couple of events this month to meet others who share our love of hiking in the perfect autumn weather.

We are predicting a record turnout at Vegfest tomorrow with growing interest in a plant-based lifestyle.

Adam Higgs has been serving Hong Kong with regular visits since 2007 and he returns to Shakti Healing Circle with his popular mind body spirit healing techniques.

And we just received word that Dr Jane Goodall will be back in November and advance booking is now available for Royal Geographical Society members.

Our members are gearing up for the busy season and staying ahead of the curve with wellness products and services while honoring traditional products and practices that have stood the test of time.

The year has zoomed by and it's fun to keep up with all the changes.

What are your plans to get out and play?


HK heartbeat

"Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you." Walt Whitman

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Member highlights

Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre - Nei Gong is an internal Qi Gong to integrate body and mind

La Cabane Wine Cellar & Bistro - Natural wines and fine foods from small producers in France

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Adam Higgs returns to Hong Kong

Healing and readings 22-27 October 2018 at Shakti Healing Circle

Adam uses a range of techniques in his healing sessions, such as Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Touch for Health Kinesiology, and Bach Flower Remedies. Other healing modalities that he frequently uses are Trigger Point Therapy, Tuning Forks and Chakra Re-alignment. Known in his native England and Ireland as the Truth Speaker, Adam gives readings that go straight to the core of the issue, offering insight and understanding into your past, present or future or mediumship to connect with a loved one who has passed over. You will receive emotional, spiritual or physical healing. Adam has appeared on television and radio ... read more

Join the One Tone Challenge

Bring your clean plastic beverage bottles for recycling.

The One Tonne Challenge aims to collect over 10 tonnes of PET (polyethene terephthalate) type 1 plastic. The collected plastic will be recycled into tote bags providing extra income for waste pickers and creating sewing jobs for rehabilitation participants with proceeds from the sales of the bags going towards improving the lives of waste pickers. The program includes environmental education and visits to assist waste pickers with the aim of promoting ecological conservation while assisting some of Hong Kong’s least fortunate citizens ... read more


October Calendar

17 (10am-4pm) Hong Kong Vegfest | Hong Kong Vegetarian Society | event details

17 (2:45-7:15pm) Solar Wellness Series | HK SolarSoundSystem | event details

18 (6:30-9:30pm) Conscious Cinema | event details

20 (7am-3pm) HK50 | Action Asia | event details

21 (2:45-7:15pm) Solar Wellness Series | HK SolarSoundSystem | event details

21 (5:30-7:30pm) Earthlings Experience Hong Kong | GoVeg Club | event details

22 (7-8pm) Neuroscience, Yoga & Mindfulness for Mental Health | Hersha Yoga | event details

24 (6-7pm) Talk and Book Signing | Bookazine | event details

24 (8pm) ImpactHK Open Day | ImpactHK | event details

25 (7-9pm) Upcycle Embroidery Workshop | event details

25 (7:30-9pm) From CEO to Psychic Investigator | Integrative Medical Practice | event details

25 (7:30-9pm) Sweet Surrender - Yin Yoga & Sound Healing | Nature Yoga Hong Kong | event details

25 (8-11pm) Tawai: A voice from the forest | The Hive . Spring | event details

26 (12:30-1:30pm) Finding your Balance Within | Tian Yan Nei Gong Centre | event details

26 (7:30-9pm) From CEO to Psychic Investigator | Integrative Medical Practice | event details

26-28 Art of Gong Sound Baths Workshop | Alive Wellness | event details

27-28 (10am-5pm) Colour, Light and Intuitive Skills | Integrative Medical Practice | event details

27-28 (1-11pm) Shi Fu Miz Festival | Shi Fu Miz | event details

27 (11am-10pm) Lamma Fun Day Beach Music Festival | Child Welfare Scheme | event details

27 (12:30-4:30pm) Critical Mass Ride | Hong Kong Cycling Alliance | event details

28 (2-6pm) Creating Youth Space | Social Enterprise Summit | event details

28 (3:30-6:30pm) International Ocean Film Tour | event details

31 (9:30am-12:30pm) Middle Eastern Vegetarian Cooking Class | Olive Leaf | event details

Coming Up

Nov 4 & 5 2018 Walk for Nature

Nov 10 Women's Empowerment DayFest

Nov 12 An Evening with Dr Jane Goodall

Nov 17 March of The Rainbow Penguins

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Hong Kong Vegfest

October 17

Shi Fu Miz Festival

October 27-28

Lamma Fun Day

October 27

Directory highlights

AyurYoga International - Ayurveda, naturopathy, reflexology, Reiki energy systems, pulse reading

The Round Clinic - Family oriented natural health center for fertility, maternity and child related services

John Masters Organics - Organic skin care, hair care and body care with functional ingredients

Elite PT Studio - Personal training, health and nutrition center

Tai Chi Place - Chief Instructor; Taichi and Baduanjin courses

The Vibe Tribe - Marketing and social media for sustainable and ethical business practices

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