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This week we are finding our way.

If we've been told once, we've been told a thousand times -- follow your own path.

This message is growing louder with generations of young people coming of age who question our belief systems as only young people can. It is their job. And they've got a big job in front of them.

We all have a big job in front of us. Whether we are moms or kids, teacher or students, employees or owners, admins or cxo's, the workload is growing at a rapid pace.

Our life in the fast lane just keeps getting faster.

Not only faster but different.

It wasn't so long ago that the little piece of metal in our hand was an idea in the mind of some science fiction writer and now it has become the centre of our universe.

That's not good or bad, right or wrong -- it just is.

We were chopping down trees to make paper shopping bags until we decided that wasn't so good for the forest. So, we started using disposable (!) plastic bags to save the trees until we realized that isn't so good for the environment. We are now seeing businesses who weren't here during round one switching to paper packaging as a plastic replacement. Perhaps it's the disposable bit we need to look at.

Keeping up with what's right and what's good and what's best isn't always a matter of asking others. Does it really make sense to drink water and eat processed food out of plastic?

Most of the answers just make sense when we take a moment, take a breath and listen to our own heart. They will come. We all deserve the time to check out for a bit with the sole intention of connecting with our own inner knowing.

There is a beautiful calm that comes with learning to trust ourselves.

Instead of wondering how I got here, I am wondering where to from here.

I had no idea the path would bring me to this place.

I have no idea where the path will lead.

When I feel lost, I stop and look for familiar signs.

I remind myself that I don't actually know where I am going because I can't possibly know what my world will look like in a few years time.

Instead of wishing there was a path, I feel lucky to have the opportunity to clear one.

It's good to know I am not alone in this adventure and I am always grateful for your support.

Thanks for coming along -- wherever we may end up.

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