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This week, we are making room.

It's that time of year when we are in between the new year celebrations in Hong Kong.

We are finding room to put all our new stuff and finding a lot of old stuff we forgot we had.

One of our best skills is making the best use of our precious space in one of the world's most expensive cities.

Over the years, we have witnessed a cultural change in our community.

Gone are the days when entire hotels replace and dump all of their furnishings in the name of good fortune and entire housing developments are demolished in the name of profit.

Trendy new buildings boast "sustainable" architecture and "eco-friendly" designs -- whatever that means.

Clearing at home means striking a delicate balance between hoarding and wasting.

Glass jars want to lead many lives. Durable plastic storage containers have more than a single use. Cardboard boxes store treasures and ship gifts. Unworn clothing can be used by those with less. Used linens provide cozy beds for animal shelters. Pre-loved is the new second-hand.

The landfills get a break when we take a minute to reach out and recycle.

Our rewards for taking the time to clear are less stuff to think about and more room to breathe.

How will you reclaim your space?


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26 (2-6pm) Equal State of Mind | Asia Society HK | details

26 (2-5pm) The Mystical Heart Circle | La Luz of Love | details

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27 (11am-12pm) Outdoor Hatha Yoga Class | Flow Factory Co | details

27 (2-5pm) Invitation to Pause: Cultivating Joy | Shan Studios | details

29 (7:30-10:30pm) Sacred Women's Circle | Human Design | details

30 (10am-4pm) Eco Karma Beach Vibe Clean Up | The Vibe Tribe | details

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