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This week, we are getting ready.

One of our favorite things about life in the fast lane is the option of double-dipping with our new year plans and celebrations. Families are making arrangements to gather and the world's largest annual migration will begin just across the border in a few days time.

Hong Kong will be a softer and gentler place during this period with lots of people away for the holiday and many offices closed for much of next week as we bark out the loyal dog year and oink in the plentiful pig.

Traditional preparations include cleaning and clearing for fresh energy in the coming year of the Earth Boar.

It's a wonderful time to share wonderful news from ImpactHK, who announced a HK$1.5M donation from Kadoorie for a new centre to serve the homeless. Since we first heard about his volunteer Kindness Walks back in 2016, Jeff Rottmeyer is now engaged full time engaging hundreds of volunteers donating time and goods and crafts to serve those in need. Funding for The Guest Room arrived last summer and Jeff is leading a crew making a real positive impact in our community -- living proof that one person can make a big difference.

We are also pretty damned excited to talk about Loop, a brand new platform with an age-old model. The online shopping project was announced at Davos last week and big brands are signing up to test out product delivery in reusable and refillable containers.

Big brands, small brands, regional brands and others will be in Hong Kong next month for the 8th edition of LOHAS Expo and the 5th annual Vegetarian Food Asia. We've been partners from the beginning and this year's show looks a bit different with a new area for the public. We've free tickets for our community members.

Before we got hit by the convenience bug, there was no such thing as a linear economy. This circular move forward into the past feels familiar. Paper, glass and paper are the new plastic. Perhaps emojis are the new cave art.

In our future, nothing is ever really old.

Are you prepared for tomorrow?


HK heartbeat

"Failure is nature's plan to prepare you for great responsibilities."  Napoleon Hill

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Shared ...

Beat plastic pollution.

Practice phone health awareness.

Reduce, reuse, recycle and donate.

Venture into nature and restore the soul.

Reverse vending is coming to Hong Kong.

The arrival of returnable takeaway containers

I foresee that hybrid taxis will be the future trend.

Even vegan products can have a gigantic carbon footprint.

Meet Tina Barrat and discover raw delicious from an original.

Big brands announce the return of reusable packaging at Davos.

Evergrande Health goes all-in with new-energy vehicle production chain investments.



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