Dear [First Name],

I wanted to send you this one final email ...

I'm still here, thanks to everyone who reached out from around the world with words of encouragement and payments to secure a home for heartbeat.

The response has been rewarding, enlightening and informative -- confirming my sense that it's the right time for heartbeat to take the next step. I've got some road to cover before my lease is secure and my situation stable and this is my home for now.

I am completely exhausted, but my heart is overflowing with love and gratitude.

Rent and bills are paid up to June 30, the pantry is stocked, the cats have food and I have everything I need right now, including a new experience of the many rewards that come with reaching out and asking for help plus a fresh boost of confidence that I'm on the right track with my service offering.

These have been a remarkable few days for our Hong Kong and I am moved by the actions and determination of our youth in grabbing the world's attention by peacefully defending our core values of freedom and personal safety. This generation was not born when I arrived and I am ready to step into my role as elder. Ideas are flowing, conversations have begun and the circle of friends has been formed, but first I must take a short rest and breathe.

It has been a time of deep healing and valuable lessons and I embrace our bright future ahead with your continued support.

I have extended the crowd-funding campaign to the end of the month and will continue selling ads and business memberships. Once I have secured sufficient recurring fees to cover the cost, I will begin writing again (because I've been asked) and launch a new email newsletter for personal members.

HK heartbeat was born in an email and it has been my pleasure to spend my Tuesdays with you these past 17 years. As hard as is to let this foundation piece go and as much as I will miss my weekly practice, I welcome the next activity for this space. I will continue to update the public calendar, but will no longer invest the time required to research all of the details for all of the events listed.

I will send messages from time to time and explore other ways to keep everyone in touch with what's new and what's on in our community.

Our correspondence will now shift to the new online community forum where you can subscribe to the topics of interest to you.

See you there?


HK heartbeat

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Full disclosure (update):

Balance as of 18 June 2019 at 8:58am

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Support "A home for heartbeat" on GoGetFunding or save 8% online fees with a bank deposit.

Bank details: HSBC 400-527057-838 (Connections Un Limited)

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