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This week, we are seeking relief.

Over long periods without rest, any system will suffer the effects from ongoing wear and tear. Points of restriction create pressure and highlight weak points that need extra attention.

The resulting pain takes a variety of shapes and colors.

Ignoring discomfort from heels over time will lead to lasting discomfort of a weak spine. Hours at the desk take a toll on the lower back as reported by everyone all the time. Constant clicking and scrolling and texting creates tightness in wrists and shoulders and necks of the new mobile monkeys. Separation breeds loneliness and isolation. Stored up emotions accumulate in the head and the heart and can leak into every part of the body as inflammation.

Damage is caused when there is chronic tension without any relief. The pain can be dull or sharp or hot or prickly or an overwhelming, crushing fatigue with no end in sight.

Careful listening and early response are the keys to sustainable pain-free days and nights. Our body speaks loudly and, like the animals we are, we intuitively know what to do when we stop and still and quiet and listen closely to that intuition.

Movement releases muscle tension. Laughter can relieve stress as efficiently as a proper cry. Touch triggers healing hormones. Nature invites us to heal by simply walking barefoot on the ground -- an activity that is not as simple as it sounds in the depths of the concrete jungle.

Sometimes we need a reason to wander further and the long weekend ahead provides the perfect excuse as we are called to step up and defend our biodiversity record. Hong Kong came second out of 419 cities last year in the number of different species observed at the annual City Nature Challenge. Ours is a biological treasure chest and getting the data out there that will help protect our riches into the future.  Just remember to take your shoes off for a bit.

The contest makes it easy for everyone to have fun for a good cause.

And speaking of fun, we're been all to participate in a new campaign designed to lift our spirits by celebrating our Hong Kong spirit. It's early days and I've taken on the lead.

This is my secret mission of love and I'm counting on your help to follow, like, comment and share the fun!

I'm a big fan of the quick fix and being together always feels better. Finding the cause is the best place to start feeling well. There is wisdom in our discomfort when we take the time to learn the lessons and adjust as required.

What is beneath your pain?


HK heartbeat

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

Everything is connected.

Listen to your own heartbeat.

"Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain." Joseph Campbell

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City Nature Challenge 2022DEFEND OUR RECORD -- click here

Take and upload photos of plants and animals on the free app iNaturalist over 4 days in April. For Hong Kong, it is the largest collaborative biodiversity engagement exercise with more than 40 local organizations, institutions and schools involved including The Nature Conservancy. Help maintain our winning record and contribute to our growing nature database by taking and uploading local wildlife photos in our parks. Download the app and plan now to head out 29 April to 1 May... read more


ALL HANDS ON DECK -- click here

Local grassroots volunteer organizations seek our assistance to support our vulnerable. Helping others is a good way to relieve stress. HandsOn Hong Kong is keeping up to date with immediate needs.  Donate emergency items to a local charity near you or by volunteering virtually from home. Volunteers are urgently needed by Feeding Hong Kong to pack food boxes for families in need of assistance.  Thank you for helping to spread the word ... read more

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HK heartbeat -- the natural network

HK heartbeat -- the natural network

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