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  • We curate a comprehensive database with thousands of records for natural products and services in Hong Kong.

  • We maintain current contact information keep in touch with each other and to keep everyone up to date.

  • We publish free print and digital community guides to promote healthy options for life in the fast lane.

How can I find what I'm looking for?
What is your editorial policy?
What is your privacy policy?
How can I get answers to questions not listed here?

How can I find what I'm looking for?

  • The Natural Hong Kong database contains business and social membership records.

  • Records are verified before entry and regularly updated on the Natural Hong Kong database.

  • Natural Hong Kong database records are privately stored and maintained on our secure server.

  • Some records contain private contact details made available by direct member introduction.


What is the Natural Concierge?

  • The Natural Concierge is here to help find what you're looking for.

  • Personalized search credits are included with personal membership.

  • Community members receive a welcome search credit with our compliments.


What are the listing categories?

  • Natural Hong Kong covers everything from acupuncture to zero waste - visit.

  • Listings are selected for the digital edition of the Natural Hong Kong directory.

  • New listing categories are created on request with a minimum of two listings.


Can I search the heartbeat database?

  • Paid personal members can search the database with a direct request.

  • Community members receive a welcome search credit with our compliments.


What is the natural Hong Kong database?

  • The member database is our internal record of business and social members.

  • Records are entered, qualified and updated on the member database throughout the year.

  • We provide personalized search services to help personal members find what they’re looking for.

  • Records on the heartbeat member database are maintained on our private server.

We curate the most comprehensive database containing hundreds of records for natural products and services in Hong Kong. We maintain current contact information to keep in touch with each other. Our free print and digital community guides keep everyone up to date and promote healthy options for life in the fast lane.


What is the natural Hong Kong database?
What is The Hong Kong Natural Life Directory?
Who can advertise?
What are the payment options?

How do I submit my details for the heartbeat database?

  • Register as a free community member and submit your details.

  • Description must include a reference to natural products or services.

  • Member records must include administrative contact details.

What are the listing categories?

  • Our database includes everything natural under the sun ... details

What if my business fits into more than one category?

  • Submit a separate listing form for each category

  • Provide a separate description for each listing

What if I have more than one outlet?

  • Details for additional locations can be included in one form.

  • Complete address and contact details are maintained on the member database

  • Location details may be printed in the print edition, depending on available space

How can I check my current member details?

  • Log in to the website and request your member profile

Is my listing included on the website directory?

  • The website directory is open to members ... details

  • NGO's, volunteer groups and non-profits may be sponsored.

Will my details be included in the print edition?

  • Member listings are not guaranteed in the print directory.

  • We publish listings to represent the diverse of products and services available.

  • Listings are selected from current records when publishing print editions ... details

  • Member records must be verified within 12 months to be considered a next listing.

What is Natural Hong Kong -- the heartbeat directory?

  • Our popular natural guide for life in the fast lane has been published in Hong Kong since 2003.

  • Our standardized listing format makes it easy for readers to locate specific details they are seeking.

  • Publication is designed to be easily carried in handbags & briefcases and kept handy for quick reference.

  • The heartbeat directory is published on natural paper with to minimize environmental impact.

How is this publication different from other print products?

  • The Natural Hong Kong -- the heartbeat directory is the only publication of its kind.

  • Unlike a read-and-tossed magazine, this highly regarded guide is used over and over again.

  • The shelf life is extended with online listings maintained on the website directory.

How can I be sure my details are included in the directory?

  • Guarantee exposure by purchasing advertising in the print or website directory.

  • Packages can be purchased that include both website and print ads ... details

How is the directory distributed ?

  • 10,000 copies are circulated free and 2,000 retail copies are published ... details

  • After the 10,000 free copies are depleted, the directory will be available for sale

  • The retail edition is available for sale online (HK$80) and in bookstores and local shops.

  • Concierges at Hong Kong's top 5-star hotels receive complimentary copies

  • Relocation companies purchase copies to be included in newcomer kits.

What details are included in the listing in the print edition?

  • company name/contact

  • telephone/fax

  • email/website

  • business hours

  • business address

  • description (20 words)

Where can I get a copy of the current print edition?

  • The print directory will available for sale (HK$80) online and in bookstores and retail shops.

  • Contact us to sell the heartbeat directory to your customers or provide copies to your members.

  • Wholesale rates and contract publishing is available for retailers and bulk purchases.

  • Join as a free member free member to receive a release notice for the next edition.

Who can advertise?

  • Advertising is open to businesses, organizations and professionals

  • Companies or individual can also sponsor ads for their favourite NGO.

  • Clients from a variety of industries advertise with us ... client list

  • Ads must offer natural lifestyle products and services ... details

Who are the readers ?

  • Multi-cultural, English-speaking people of all ages and professions

  • Living and working in Hong Kong and travelling internationally

  • Exploring conscious lifestyle and actively seeking natural products and services

We connect organizations who share our one-planet philosophy with a growing audience of eco-conscious urban professionals who want to contribute. Our readers are making choices that reflect sustainability, fair trade, environmental impact, social responsibility, personal health and wellbeing. Recipients include not only our membership (consumers, business owners, parents, journalists, teachers, consultants, volunteers, professionals and senior executives), but also major corporations, relocation companies, media owners, property agencies, doctor and dental offices, consulates, private clubs, business associations, Chambers of Commerce, popular shops and bookstores ... more

What is included in directory advertising?

  • Directory ad packages include print + website exposure.

  • Ads include contact details and an introduction to your business.

  • Packages include website exposure and a display ad in the next print edition.

  • Promote your business with a display ad package including a website mini-profile ad linked to a profile page.

  • We produce your directory mini-profile and profile page -- it will be prepared by professionals for your approval.

What type of advertising is available?

  • Contact details are published with a listing on the website directory.

  • Link to an optional member profile with additional details and images.

  • Display ads and ListingPlus (with border) are available in the printed edition.

What ad sizes are available in the print edition?

  • Full page (H110mm x W185mm)

  • 2/3 page (H110mm x W110mm)

  • 1/3 page  (H110mm x W55mm)

  • Text Box Ad (H45mm x W55mm)

  • A5 on natural paper ... sample

Does a ListingPlus in the print edition include a logo?

  • ListingPlus does not include an image

  • Description can include up to 50 words

  • Listing has bold headline and border

No artwork is required for Text Box Ad -- it is an enhanced listing.

What is the deadline for placing an ad in the print edition?

  • Our media kit has complete details about the next edition

How can I get a 100% return on my advertising investment?

  • Recover 100% of ad costs by selling copies to your clients.

  • We provide copies at no charge and you sell at full retail.

What is the website directory ?

  • The heartbeat website directory is a paid service for qualified advertisers

  • Website directory ads take the form of mini-profiles with optional links to a full profile on the website

  • Listings are organized alphabetically by category and include 50 words to describe your products and services.

  • No other advertising appears on the same page as your listing ... more

What is included in a website directory ad?

  • Directory ads include logo, website link, contact details plus 50 words ... sample

  • We prepare and post website mini-profile ads within 2 working days of payment.

What is a member profile?

  • Our template profile is used to introduce your products & services.

  • There is no word maximum, however a reasonable limit may be applied.

  • Include a selection of logos and images to illustrate and attract attention.

  • Describe your services and benefits and include purchase or ordering instructions.

  • Feature unique products and include information to help readers with decisions.

  • Provide your background, success stories, testimonials, shop directions.

  • Add value with information about how to use your products or services ... more

Who prepares the member profile?

  • Profiles are professionally written and prepared for your approval from existing materials.

  • We prepare, edit and post website profiles within 7 working days of receipt of your materials.

  • We can help you prepare new materials for a reasonable fee (ie. new business/products/services)

Can I sell my products and services on the heartbeat website?

  • We are working on an e-commerce service.

What are other benefits for advertisers?

  • Our rates are reasonable and our exposure is high, reaching a uniquely defined target audience

  • Price includes production of your website profile from any materials you supply

  • Advertisers are invited to participate as resident experts on the website

  • Professionals are invited to contribute articles for the website

  • Advertisers are welcome to extend special offers to readers and members

What are the payment terms?

  • Payment is due upon booking to confirm your position.

  • Confirmation and receipt will be provided by email ... more

Can I pay for advertising by credit card?

  • Request an email invoice to process payment online.

  • We use PayPal for our credit card transactions.

Can I pay for advertising by instalment?

What is your editorial policy?

  • All heartbeat items are selected by our editors.

  • We publish editorial and we charge for advertising.

  • Instead of advertorial, we offer Sponsored Features.

No one pays to be featured in editorial on heartbeat. That's what advertising is for. Selling ourselves (literally) would destroy the legitimacy, integrity and fun of heartbeat. Besides, we'd never earn your trust that way.

What is your privacy policy?

Connections Unlimited will never sell, rent or share your contact details, business or personal information, including your email address, with any third parties for marketing or any other purposes. Connections Unlimited may share your personal information as required by law. We will supply your public details (as identified by you) to heartbeat paid members in response to their specific requests for contact information ... more

How can I get answers to questions not listed here?

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