Kinzie – the one and only

Kinzie has been in the natural products and services industry (food, beauty, sustainability, health, well-being and LOHAS related products) since 2000 and that makes her an experienced resource and partner. Based in Hong Kong since 1992, she who knows this dynamic marketplace like few others and has been at the epicentre of Asia’s entrance on to the global stage over the past 25 years.

Walking the Talk – a personal story.

Before establishing HK heartbeat 2001, Kinzie was contracted by The New Age Shop to re-launch The Source magazine, Hong Kong’s original mind-body-spirit publication. Previously, she worked in the regional media industry in Hong Kong from 1992 to 2000. Retail and B2B job responsibilities included recruitment, regional strategy, production, membership development, event management, public relations, media planning, strategic growth and building markets and relationships in Hong Kong, US, China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Australia and New Zealand.

“Kinzie is the person for all things natural in HK, she knows all that there is to know and has a wealth of experience from years spent in HK. She created the HK Heartbeat Directory and has been instrumental in so many connections made in this town. She is also a gorgeous lady with a heart of gold.” Charlotte Douglas, 8 December 2016

With years of experience in directing events which brought together manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers, trade boards, industry associations for business matching, high-level content and networking, Kinzie has established extensive media network and set up HK heartbeat 2001 to meet growing demand for authentic industry and market information and continue her passion and experience to help companies succeed in Hong Kong and Asia.

“It’s incredible what you had the vision to start.” Kim Willis, 1 March 2018

Kinzie is well recognized as a local market pioneer. Being an industry insider allows her not only to be well versed in local development the natural and organic industry, but also the reality of the market. Kinzie’s connections to both local professionals as well as international organizations related to the industry have proved to be a great benefit to the industry and a useful service to your company.

“You are doing a great service to the spiritual community.” Sandra Gonzales, 26 October 2001

Before launching HK heartbeat, Kinzie was Director of Membership and Committee Affairs for The Cable & Satellite Broadcasting Industry of Asia (CASBAA) where she managed projects and relationships with Regional Directors of Turner Broadcasting, BBC, Discovery Networks, PWC, National Geographic, STAR TV, PCCW, Disney,  HBO and Sony, introduced Ad Seminars in Hong Kong and Singapore, coordinated a breakfast for members with Ted Turner in Hong Kong and coordinated the first China Cable Operators Summit in Beijing, featuring an unprecedented live and uncensored satellite downlink feed on site. She had previously established the region’s first broadcast recruitment division for Morgan & Banks (now owned by Hudson) and promoted the regional documentary commissioned by Discovery Networks Asia at Cannes. On arrival to Hong Kong, Kinzie was hired by Jimmy’s Kitchen group to set up an in-house marketing department, resulting in a local F&B network that supports print distribution to this day.

“Listen to your own heartbeat.”

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