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The Release Effect was created to help you let go of recurring, irrational negative feelings. In a series of 3 relaxing and empowering private guided meditations, you will be assisted to let go of old emotional baggage without needing to delve into the past. 

When you feel good, life is good.

When you are free of old fears and hurts, it becomes possible to be more in the moment and achieve your true potential on all levels, emotionally, spiritually, body health, better mind focus and more connected-ness in relationships.  The Release Effect is about allowing you to change the feeling paradigms of your mind. You will find it easier to change your thinking and behavior. Become more pro-active and less re-active.

Feelings that people often present with include: feeling not good enough, lack, undeserving, helpless, phobias, unloved, fear of rejection, hurt, anxiety, depression. The Release Effect addresses any negative feeling you know is not necessary but keeps triggering anyway.

Experience real freedom that is the freedom from within.

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Private session are available in Hong Kong by appointment only from April 16-28. The average time for the first session is approximately two hours and the second and third are about 70-90 minutes each.  The price is unchanged since 2007 at HK$5700. Book a place for the introductory talk or to arrange an explanation by phone or Skype.

Ray Lewis – TheReleaseEffect@hotmail.com | SMS +49 160 9333 4482 | TheReleaseEffect.com

“I am fascinated by personal development and have tried many different methods and technologies to learn how to change myself and to help others change. Much to my surprise, The Release Effect is very different from anything else I have tried. It took much less effort and was much more effective in removing the inner barriers that were stopping me from being who I really want to be. I was always a happy person, but now my feelings of happiness are so much deeper and I feel that what I can achieve is completely unlimited.” –Angela Spaxman, Career & Executive Coach

The Release Effect with Ray Lewis – An Introduction

Date :  Monday 20 April 2015
TIME : 7:15pm
PLACE :  Reflections
ADDRESS : 13/F, Unit B, Suen Yue Building, 8 Bonham Strand West, Sheung Wan
PRICE : HK$77 (credited towards new client booking)
RSVP: 2504 1333 (Reflections)

About Ray Lewis – TheReleaseEffect.com

Ray Lewis spent most of his adult life (more than 20 years) battling severe manic/depression or bi-polar as it has come to be known, and during that time he spent thousands of hours and many more thousands of dollars trying to get the monkeys off his back. He was addicted to therapies and would try anything to get relief from the nightmare of his own mind that he was trapped in. He tried different types of therapies, attended many types of weekend seminar and read hundreds of self help books that inspired him. According to Ray, they all worked and provided some relief but eventually the negative feelings return. Fifteen years ago through a chance conversation, Ray stumbled across the missing link in the puzzle of the nightmare he found himself in. The Release Effect evolved since then and Ray successfully treated over two thousand people with to help them get rid of their monkeys as well and finally find that elusive peace of mind. Ray is now free of his depression and feelings of worthlessness, helplessness, failure, fear of poverty, lack of appreciation, feeling unloved, etc., and devotes much most of his time taking this approach to people all around the world.

About The Release Effect

The Release Effect consists of three sessions of guided meditation that anyone can do. No meditative skills are required because the meditation is guided. The sessions are designed to help you uncover the feelings that are behind the errant thoughts and behaviors that create chaos in your life. Then, on the sub-conscious level, the mind is given the chance to permanently let go of or change the negative feeling beliefs that serve no worthwhile purpose.

The Release Effect does not use analysis of the past and does not require a memory of the original event that created the feelings.


The Amygdala, located in a small part of the brain called in the Limbic System, was relatively unknown until a neuro-science professor at NYU, Joseph La Doux, discovered aspects which led to the development of The Release Effect.

The Amygdala can store memories as a feeling memory even before our first conscious memories which usually start around the ages of 2-5. For example, a baby left alone too long could feel abandoned, which to a baby would feel like a life threatening situation. In the future, anything even remotely similar to being alone can trigger the same fight/flight response that the Amygdala remembered from all those years before. Even though the current situation is not logically relevant to that feeling memory.



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