Climate change and coffee

Explore the impacts of climate change on coffee and discover how we can start our day with a more sustainable coffee habit.

Coffee ecosystems are especially vulnerable to changing climate conditions like rising temperatures and unstable and extreme weather conditions. Join us to explore the impacts of climate change on (more…)

Farmfest 2021

This year’s annual carnival event promoting the local agricultural and fishery industry and their quality products will be held online.

Hong Kong’s Annual Farmer’s Market Now in its 15th year, the aim of Farmfest is to encourage the public to choose local produce. This year’s online event will (more…)

The 2021 calendar

“We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.” W. Somerset Maugham

PUBLIC HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT: We are urging all members of the public to follow public health guidelines and please stay home when you can. Get fresh details in our (more…)

Hike for Hong Kong

Hike or run the hills of Lantau Island to promote conservation with nine different virtual events ranging from a 2km walk to a 100km endurance race.

November is a month of outdoor activity. “I randomly said one day that I want to finish a 100KM trail running route on Lantau Island to raise funds (more…)

Food for the homeless

The more people who know about this situation will result in more people caring and it’s so important that we open up more eyes to the struggles of our neighbours.

In 2021 we hope to distribute 200,000 meals. Not only will these meals help our city’s most vulnerable, but they will also be prepared and cooked by individuals (more…)