Star Ferry Labyrinth

Join the fun repainting the 15m labyrinth at the Star Ferry pier. Originally painted by Martha Collard in 2010, the labyrinth is now in need of a fresh coat of paint and everyone is welcome to spend the day in community rebuilding and renewing this landmark.

Event Details (rescheduled)

DATES : Saturday 17 October 2015
TIME : 10:30am
PLACE : Star Ferry Pier, Central
ENQUIRIES : Red Doors Studio
CONTACT : Martha Collard
TEL : +852 9673 8075

Labyrinths are flat circuitous patterns that can be placed anywhere and constructed of any material. They are used as a tool for relaxation and have been known to invoke positive physiological changes in the body such as slowing heart rate and breath, lowering blood pressure and reducing the need for medication. Cognitive benefits include increasing patience and calm, and inducing innovative ideas during or after walking.

The labyrinth has become a gathering point for many groups including Capoeira, running clubs and the Organic Farmer’s Market at The Star Ferry pier, a historic and familiar feature on the waterfront.

Martha Collard is Asia’s the only Veriditas certified labyrinth builder. Martha is the founder of Red Doors Studio, situated in the heart of the up and coming area of Wong Chuk Hang on Hong Kong Island. The studio brings ancient, time-tested practices of sound healing using meditation gongs, walking meditation on labyrinths and Kundalini yoga. It acts as a platform to elevate energy in the community.


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