The Garden Gathering

Women celebrating life and empowering local communities, promoting positivity, providing healing and sustaining modalities of well-being

The Garden Gathering

DATE : Friday-Sunday 7-9 December 2018
TIME : 9am-6pm
PRICE : HK$1400 and up
PLACE : Sai Yuen Farm
ADDRESS : Cheung Chau
ORGANIZER : Soultrains
CONTACT : May Nogoy
TEL : +852 9676 4478
PURCHASE : purchase online
LINK : read more

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Journey to the garden for an immersive 3-day new moon weekend in nature’s surrounding where women will be sharing their medicines, crafts, creations, earthen ways, plant medicines, sacred sounds, sensuality, spirituality, womb wisdom, empowerment, kids culture and more including a conscious kitchen.

Our 4th Garden Gathering is a labour of love, integrity and authenticity with a a community of inspirational, compassionate and supportive women who unite the common purpose of fostering conscious evolution and leading with gratitude and respect for our mother earth.

We call forth and honor diverse ancestries, lineages, cultures, teachings and practices to share with each other, to learn and transform together and, most of all, to connect at a soul level.

The Garden Gathering is a place for all, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, body size or shape. We are committed to providing a nourishing, safe and nonjudgmental environment, With grace and humility, we tend to the Earth, ourselves and each other, to discover our dreams and new ways of living in harmony.

We are offering something to the betterment of our world, as we each carry a voice, a gift and power to discover and share. Sisterhood is harmonious integration regardless of where you may be on your path. We celebrate the feminine. Tending to this garden of vision, we awaken to the felt sense of belonging to that of which nourishes our spirit.

May our harvest be shared and planted in communities and beyond.

The Garden Gathering The Garden Gathering The Garden Gathering

POSTED : 05-Sep-18

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