No excuse for single use

There’s no excuse for single use cutlery with this reusable kit raising funds for zero waste.

Raise funds for Plastic Free Seas and cut down on plastic A fundraising set to reduce single-use, disposable plastic cutlery and straws — a great waste-reduction gift idea. (more…)

City Nature Challenge 2021

Get out, document our local biodiversity and put Hong Kong on the urban nature map.

Contribute to our growing database of biodiversity by taking and uploading local wildlife photos in urban parks, neighbourhoods and countrysides. City Nature Challenge 2019 DATE : 30 April (more…)

NextGen Smart Mask

Protect with comfort and choose durable over disposable to share the love for our little blue planet.

Breathable, antimicrobial, cotton masks — 100% biodegradable Our lightweight mask is machine-washable and reusable, treated with the Silverplus® protective antimicrobial nanofibre providing active protection for up to 100 (more…)