Dying to be me

I just came across this TedX talk by my friend, Anita Moorjani and she is telling her story using almost exactly the same words as the first time I heard it. She had called and we got together with Danny (her husband) to catch up over coffee at the now-closed Life Cafe. She was reluctant to talk in public about her experience and we were exploring some options.

Anita lives in Los Angeles, giving talks and interviews and sharing what she learned and we still consider her part of our HK heartbeat community.

Her message resounded then and I still gain something new from it every time I listen.

Here are the 5 main points:

  1. Love ourselves and we have more to share
  2. Live life fearlessly — love keeps us safer than fear
  3. Humor, laughter and joy are more important than other activity
  4. Life is a gift — realize the value of your life, including the challenges
  5. Always be yourself — as you as you can be, by getting to know yourself

Listen for yourself — so much, so simple … every word is truth.


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