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Our interests range from holistic wellness, nature conservation, renewable energy, creative expression, real food, clean products, honest beauty, eco-chic fashion, fair trade, social engagement, cultural heritage, responsible innovation to circular economics and zero waste and more 

Like you, we are making choices today with our children’s future in mind.

Community resources are at the heart of the original natural network.

We keep in touch our members to keep the public informed with what’s new and what’s in Hong Kong … naturally.

We share insights and events and information from local pioneers, first movers and community leaders making a difference in Hong Kong and beyond.

With their expert guidance, balanced everyday decisions just got a easier.

Recover your own inner wisdom and discover the luxury of balance — from natural health & beauty to organic food and fashion to personal growth to ethical business and socially responsible finance to eco-development and gadgets, travel and more.

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Thank you very much for your email newsletter that I enjoy reading for its style and content. It’s important to consolidate a force, a group of scarce in number of nature-lovers … for support & sharing. This is a busy place people running for their livings. Certainly, it’s encouraging and inspiring to see your newsletter.” Allen Lee, HK Organic Resource Centre

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— parents nurturing the leaders of tomorrow
— local heroes protecting our natural treasures
— passionate pioneers of health and wellness
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Find what you’re looking for … even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for. Our free community resources are straightforward and unbiased and designed to to help you navigate the variety of products and services and programs for conscious everyday choices in Hong Kong.

I’m so impressed by your incredible listing of events in Hong Kong – it’s extremely thorough and really helpful for planning ahead. Thank you for all the time and effort you have put into it. You have my full support and gratitude.” Robin Tassie, Founder of Yoga Central, 2001

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Connect with others in your search for authentic, straightforward information about products, services and programs available in Hong Kong and support conscious everyday choices.

Just want to say that, to me, reading what you write is one of the great benefits of being a member. In your most recent letter-to-all, as closing, you wrote: ‘It is essential that we make the effort to nurture our connections in the real world with meaningful intent for positive change.’ Jubilations! for HK having you.” Wong

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Nice to find networking events in HK with people interested in the personal development/spiritual fields so I can mingle with people & learn and share with them.” Dina

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Commercial membership is open by invitation and application with a package of benefits including a member profile, website ad credits and priority posting in our groups on social media.

I love what you’re doing with heartbeat.” Tom Hilditch, Publisher – Expat Parent Magazine, Southside Magazine, Sai Kung & Clearwater Bay Magazine

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“Lots of businesses come and go but you keep going strong. You are to be congratulated!” Sandi Butchkiss

“All the best to your efforts helping others to sync their Heartbeats with Nature’s.” Ann

“It must have spending a lot of time, energy and passion in preparing the HK heartbeat. It’s such a great job you’ve done.” Surdham Lam, Founder & Owner of Flow Community Bookshop

Keep delighting us with your words” Fe Valkerens

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The HK heartbeat network was born in an email in 2001.

We started responding to individual requests with a group reply sharing holistic wellness in Hong Kong. HK heartbeat quickly became known as a reliable source for residents and new arrivals looking for support at home and at work.

I can see things changing – even small things can make the world of difference and we’re feeling really positive, mostly thanks to people like you who keep positively plugging away.” Jo Rowek, Founder, Living Lamma

Our online resources are designed to serve our local community with fresh content and current contacts.

Thank you for providing such a fresh approach and for introducing all natural products and services available in the city yet awaiting to be discovered by all Hong Kong people. The regular updates help us to lead our lives in a natural way and become healthier – both mentally and physically – despite the hectic and stressful pace all city people are having.” Sanja Dujic, Edible Arrangements

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Inbox | First | #1

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