HK heartbeat is a private local network of individuals and organizations publicly promoting everyday options for natural life in the fast lane. We meet in the real world and we stay connected online to encourage each other, support creative collaboration, celebrate diversity and share responsibility for balanced growth and development.

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This is such a great job of connecting all the people in the holistic field. I really appreciate your enthusiasm.” Cynthia Poon

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In the words of Ted Turner:

to act upon one’s convictions while others wait;
to create a positive force in a world where cynics abound;
to provide information to people when it wasn’t available before;
to offer to those who want it a choice;
for people whose thirst for understanding
and a better life has made this venture possible …

Funded by membership, advertising and personal contributions, we welcome your participation … naturally.

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Everything is connected.
Listen to your own heartbeat.

Great to meet you … I’ve heard great things!” Jude Wu, Managing Director, Conservation International Hong Kong

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Jeanette Wang, Health Editor, South China Morning Post
Jeanette Wang, former Health Editor, SCMP