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HK heartbeat was born on 21 October 2001 as a simple text email from our  founder in response to regular requests for information about things like yoga and meditation and spelt.

In 2003, the weekly e-news led to the publication of the Natural Hong Kong Directory followed by the website directory in 2006 to serve an active and growing community. By then, we had launched private events and were accepting invitations to partner at conferences and trade fairs.

Today, the HK heartbeat network serves thousands of individuals and organizations making considered choices every day. We do our best to make it easy touch with the weekly newsletter, community calendar, website directory, online marketplace and private events.

Our members are exploring and offering options for natural life in the fast lane — simple living, social engagement, real beauty, holistic wellness, whole food, eco-chic fashion, energetic exercise, cultural heritage, nature conservation, responsible development, conscious creativity, thoughtful decisions, renewable energy, fair trade practices, practical innovation, zero waste living and more

We are a vibrant community sharing authentically and learning to thrive in Hong Kong, Asia and beyond. With global headquarters in the world’s largest fishing village, HK heartbeat serves members from China, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Australasia, The Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

We operate from desire to connect, curiosity to explore, motivation to learn and willingness to share with open heart and peaceful mind.

We agree to seek our own truth, be respectful of others, support personal care, show compassion, contribute as citizens and be kind.

Life’s a journey and when we change our world, we change the world.

Collaborate and create and celebrate positive change.



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Keep your wonderful work flowing, Hugs,” Lindsey McAllister, Founder HK Youth Arts Festival (joined 2001)

HK Youth Arts Festival | more

The heartbeat calendar

This is such a great job of connecting all the people in the holistic field. I really appreciate your enthusiasm.” Cynthia Poon, Wellsky (joined 2002)

Cynthia Poon, Wellsky | more

The heartbeat directory

Great to meet you … I’ve heard great things!” Jude Wu, Managing Director, Conservation International Hong Kong

Conservation International Hong Kong | more

The heartbeat marketplace

Jeanette Wang, Health Editor, South China Morning Post
Jeanette Wang, former Health Editor, SCMP

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