This week, we start the new year with a fresh approach. The one-month break from the newsletter provided fresh perspective. The break turned into a review which turned (more…)

No break

This week, we are watching the latest shit show. Last week, I promised myself a 1-month break from my weekly essay. Only a few days ago, I was sharing (more…)


This week, we are relying on friends. One of the great benefits of being part of a community is having the option to take a rest while others (more…)


This week, we skipped a beat. Even though we’re publishing every other week this summer, we are keeping in touch on our social media channels. You might have (more…)


This week, we are going slow. The mix of summer heat and humidity is nature’s reminder to change the pace. Our approach to reducing speed requires a decision (more…)


This week, we are marking changes. Over the past few days, Hong Kong has been looking back to 1997, reflecting on our brief history as a special administrative (more…)


This week, we are disrupting our routine. One of our greatest comforts is a familiar routine. We wake; we go about our day; we sleep. Having regular tasks we perform (more…)


This week, we encourage rest. Tomorrow’s summer solstice is a perfect reminder to take a moment and mark the change. The sun will appear to stand still before (more…)


This week, we are enjoying the calm after the storm. While tempted to maintain the momentum by pushing and accomplishing and doing, it really is time to relax. (more…)


This week, we acknowledge we are one of a kind. In a world wanting same-same but different, huge amounts of resources are poured into sustaining a view that (more…)


This week, we are asking questions. It is becoming difficult to determine what is actual and what is factual. Loud wins. Volume rules. Likes lead the pack. At (more…)


This week, we are checking the facts. Over the past few months, I have been honored to be organizing an event for volunteers on ethics and authenticity in (more…)


This week, we are all natural. When I first started HK heartbeat and was thinking of how to describe the concept, it was not a difficult decision. At (more…)


This week, we are going local. Over my years in Hong Kong, I have lived in many neighborhoods and I have watched as each of them have changed (more…)


This week, we are questioning markets. A few days ago, we received the news that our historic Central Market will be demolished in a few months. Many of (more…)


This week, we are watching our words. In the early days of heartbeat, our community was informed and passionate and shared a purpose. We described our businesses in (more…)


This week, we look at the bigger picture. When I started publishing this newsletter for the community 15 years ago, there were a few words I intentionally left (more…)


This week, we are honoring our ancestors. All day, all over Hong Kong, local families have been visiting cemeteries and paying respect to those who have gone before. (more…)


This week, we are making choices. Over the past few weeks, my workload has increased exponentially with a new project I have taken on. It has been a (more…)

Time out

This week, we appreciate feeling well. All it takes is a few days with an enthusiastic flu bug to remind us of how good it feels to eat, relax (more…)


This week, we are enjoying the bounty. We have arrived at the time of year where local farms are bursting with an abundance of fresh, colorful, delicious, healthy (more…)


This week, we are feeling loved. As we turn the page on February, this is a wonderful feeling to have. In my world, it is not uncommon to (more…)


This week, we are preparing for a lovely time. Among the jackpot of events this week is the annual gathering of health and sustainability professionals from around the (more…)


This week, we are loving a very special eco-hero. Every once in a while, we are at a loss for words. This is one of those rare times. (more…)


This week, we are ready for love. A quick glance at the news flooding our screens proves that the month of love could not have come at a (more…)


This week, we are feeling pretty great. Over the past 7 days we have celebrated community in business and Canadian women pioneering sustainability in Hong Kong. These two (more…)


This week, we are expressing. When we gathered for A Fresh Start last Thursday, we shared our one-word intentions for the year ahead — explore, peace, relax, kindness. (more…)