Vegetarian Cooking Class at SpiceBox Organics

Sign up for a vegetarian cooking class on September 14 and learn how easy it is to prepare delicious and nutritious lentils and beans – rich in proteins, iron and vitamins. With a variety of legumes to choose from, it is easy to get confused about their use, preparation, cooking process and benefits.

DATE :  Wednesday 14 September
TIME : 6:30-8:30pm
PLACE : SpiceBox Organics
ADDRESS : 136 Caine Road, Central
PRICE : HK$350
TEL : +852 2568 2728

BOOKING : Register online here

Join Mansi Shah in this innovative cooking class to understand how to cook with lentils and beans and create a wholesome vegetarian meal for you and your family. In this class you will gain an understanding on the different types of lentils and beans, how to prepare and cook them to create delightful dishes which includes the following:

  • Delicious traditional Indian style five lentil dal (soup(
  • Vegan chili using organic kidney beans, black beans and veggies
  • Brown lentil, chickpea, and date salad with roasted eggplant


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