Ways Forward

Join a one-day public forum led by experts and open to everyone interested in contributing to moving beyond today’s challenges in Hong Kong.

Bridge divides and pool different voices and points of view to create our shared sense of possibility for the future.

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Ways Forward

DATE : Saturday 16 November 2019
TIME : 9am-5pm
PRICE : By donation
PLACE : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
ADDRESS : 1 Expo Drive, Wan Chai
ORGANIZER : The HK Forward Alliance
CONNECT : Get in touch
REGISTER : book online (event will be streamed live)

The events since summer in Hong Kong have highlighted many aspects that divide our society and cause friction and conflict.

All facets of the community are encouraged to bring forth ideas to take forward together. Are you curious? Do you wish to share the role you and others are playing or could play? Do you have proposals?

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Ways Forward

This one-day public forum will include:

• Sharing of experience by experts on large-scale engagements to resolve differences and conflicts in various countries

• Talking about and listening to ideas on how those experiences could help find ways forward in Hong Kong

• Exploring and creating together how to embark on ways forward

The programme will include presentations and small group discussions on the concept of dialogue, designing a dialogue process and dialogue experiences and lessons learnt from conflict situations in various countries.

The event will be open to the public. It will bring together a broad range of participants, including business folks, academics, professionals such as social and health workers and lawyers as well as members of civil society organizations. Special efforts will be made to include youth and ethnic minorities.

The public forum is a response to the ongoing mass protests, social upheaval and violent outbreaks in Hong Kong. It will be a first step towards generating dialogues to help (a) identify concerns across divides among key stakeholders and across society more broadly, (b) bring about conciliation between individuals or groups in conflict, and (c) tackle the causes and drivers of conflicts and shape constructive change in institutions, discourses and relationships.

The conference is the initiative of The Forward Alliance, a group of independent Hong Kong individuals from different walks of life and of different beliefs but bound together by a common desire and commitment to contribute towards constructive change.

POSTED : 21-Oct-19

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