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Easy to learn, the Yuen Method is an energetic technique that retraces and explores the imbalances that create conditions to restore balance with instant results by finding the root cause, identifying and strengthening the weakening influences in layers to become energetically strong. In Level 1 on 16-17 November, learn why we have pains and issues; test for weakness; improve strength with in-depth protocols. Speed up your technique with shortcuts and specific protocols in Level 2 on 18 November. Level 1 – HK$4,800 / HK$3,200 repeat students; Level 1+2 – HK$7,200 / HK$4,800 repeat students; accredited towards Dr Kam Yuen’s Practitioner Certification program. HK heartbeat members save 10%.

ENQUIRIES : Julien WIllm
TEL : +852 8193 1868
EMAIL : info at yuen-hk.com
WEBSITE : yuen-hk.com
QUICK LINK : Get more information



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