Akashic Access

Learn key concepts and understandings around the ancient Akashic Records to accelerate healing for yourself and others responsibly and effectively.

DATE : Sunday 13 May
TIME : 10:30am-6pm
PRICE : HK$1,750

PLACE : Shakti Healing Circle
ADDRESS : 7/F, Glenealy Tower, 1 Glenealy, Central
TEL : +852 2521 5099
EMAIL : pervin@shaktihealingcircle.com
WEBSITE : shaktihealingcircle.com

Akashic Access – Level 1 Module 1

Join Zeo and the enlightened beings on a dynamic journey to access the Akashic records. Zeo has been using the Akashic Records since 2004 to access past life information and provide detailed information for clients to accelerate their healing and remove core limitations, allowing them to move forward rapidly in life. Accessing the Akashic Records is one of the most efficient and accurate ways to bring healing and transformation into your life and the life of others. Once fully understood and mastered, this tool can profoundly transform you for the better and speed up your evolution significantly.

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POSTED : 27-Apr-18

Zeo Sheehan
Divine Channel & Spiritual Healer
3–15 May 2018

Zeo Sheehan is a divine channel, spiritual healer and teacher with 16 years experience and dedication in the area of spirituality, healing and natural health. He is specialised in providing channeled guidance from the enlightened beings for all life areas, Akashic readings for clearing of present and past life karma, and crystal sound healing to dissolve stagnant/old energies and create deep balance.

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