Bridge to Nowhere

The bridge is part of a new infrastructure project that includes a Tung Chung new town extension, HK-Shenzhen Express Rail and a logistics centre passing by but not connecting with the airport.

The HKSAR Highways Department claims the bridge is “to establish a new land transport link between the east and west coasts of the Pearl River and to enhance the economic and sustainable development in the three places.”

Legco member (Functional Constituency – Transport) Miriam Lau [] recently voiced her concern that the project “is still not yet finalized because of problems like financing.”

Reports suggest that local industrialists will likely continue to use the “good and cheap” feeder vessel infrastructure along the West PRD for cargo.

If HKZMB becomes a passenger bridge replacing ferries, the link could be planned as a rail tunnel.

50,000 vehicles will be added to HK’s congested roads every day via the new bridge by 2015.

Air pressure will make the bridge one of the most dangerous drives within the Pearl River Delta and possibly for the world as it is one of the longest and highest driveways in the air.

In the 500-1000 meter tunnel session, it will take at least 20 minutes (by helicopter) plus walking time to bring rescue crews to an accident.

The bridge is one of the longest vehicle traveling distances with no natural exhaust absorbers (like soil or plants) so air pollution released on the highway will travel freely by air and water.

Environmentalists raise concerns for the white dolphins’ last remaining habitat.