News watch – May 2011

New Breed of Americans Going Hungry (Christie Garton at USA Today – 11 May 2011) – A record number of 44 million or one in seven Americans (half of whom are children) are currently on food stamps

Staying Safe During a Hospital Stay (Judith Graham at Chicago Tribune – 11 May 2011) – Here is a basic checklist of things you can do to be an active participant in your care while in the hospital

Europe: Drug Regulators Accused of Risking Patient Safety (Sarah Boseley at The Guardian – 10 May 2011) – 35% of adults and 69% of children skip work and school to collect water in Mumbai slums for a three hour journey home

The Costs of Post-Traumatic Childhood (Bessel A. van der Kolk at The New York Times – 10 May 2011) – Untreated, traumatized children become failing adults populating jails and overwhelming services agencies

Hong Kong told to revamp air pollution rules (The Independent – 9 May 2011)

Climate Change Disrupting Food Production (David Perlman at San Francisco Chronicle – 6 May 2011) – Global study links climate change with production of corn, wheat, rice and soybeans over 30 years

Massive Fall in UK Child Abuse Deaths Linked to New Protection Policies (Jeremy Laurance at The Independent – 5 May 2011) – Greater awareness of the vulnerability of children and official recognition of the need to protect them

Asthma Rate Rises Sharply in US (Roni Caryn Rabin at The New York Times – 4 May 2011) – Officials at a loss to explain increase as important triggers like cigarette smoking become less common

Renewable firms struggle with austerity, cheap gas (Victoria Klesty and John Acher at Reuters – 4 May 2011) – Spending cuts by cash-strapped European governments and cheap gas are denting the profits and prospects of renewables

China Smoking Ban in Effect (Xinhuanet – 1 May 2011) – From May 1, smoking is no longer allowed in indoor public venues, including bars and restaurants

Under the Influence (Shirley S Wang at The Wall Street Journal – 3 May 2011) – Individual behavior is shaped by what people around them consider appropriate, correct or desirable

Concussions Impact Teen Athletes (Julie Taboh at Voice of America – 3 May 2011) – Sports are second only to motor vehicle crashes as the leading cause of injury to the brain –

Processed Foods and Artificial Preservatives Invade Rural India? (Kounteya Sinha at The Times of India – 2 May 2011) – Garden fresh produce is being fast replaced by “well processed and packaged avatars”

Scarcely a Drop to Drink (Neha Thirani at The Times of India – 1 May 2011) – 35% of adults and 69% of children skip work and school to collect water in Mumbai slums for a three hour journey home

Herbal Remedies Banned as New EU Rules Take Effect (Robin McKie at The Observer – 1 May 2011) – Herbal medicines must be registered, meet safety, quality and manufacturing standards and come with information about side-effects


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