News watch – September 2011

Dads Less Likely to Die of Heart Problems (Marilynn Marchione at The Associated Press – 26 September 2011) – Fatherhood may be a kick in the old testosterone, but new research suggests it may also help keep a man alive

Healthful Vending Machines Are Increasing, But Do They Help? (Elena Conis at Los Angeles Times – 26 September 2011) – Driven by consumer demand and new regulations, more vending machines swap candy for rice cakes but snacking still leads to obesity.

Setting a ‘Safer’ Ozone Level (Jill U Adams at Los Angeles Times 26 September 2011) – Critics accuse EPA of prioritizing the economic concerns of polluters over the interests of the general public.

HK Geopark recognized by UNESCO (HKEPD – 20 September 2011) – The Hong Kong Geopark is now a member of the Global Geoparks Network (GGN) among 87 global geoparks recognised by UNESCO.

China’s unhealthy habits drive up chronic diseases (Gillian Wong at Associated Press – 15 September 2011) – Newly prosperous, China is facing a very changed health picture from a generation ago when it was still largely agrarian.

China Aims to Rein In Car Sales (By Keith Bradsher at The New York Times – 4 September 2011) – Government officials call for a shift towards more fuel-efficient and advanced models, including gasoline-electric hybrids and all-electric cars.

Clean Air Network outlines sustainability plan for Hong Kong (CAN – 1 September 2011) – In advance of the upcoming policy address, CAN outlines government actions to set Hong Kong on a path towards a sustainable future.

IBM Boosts Food Safety With Software (Laurie Burkitt at The Wall Street Journal – 31 August 2011) – Simulator designed to track from production to dinner plate using bar code and pinpoint likely sources of contamination

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