World News Day

Today or any day that phone may ring and bring good news. Ethel Waters

The annual World News Day campaign highlights the critical importance of fact-based journalism. On September 28, newsrooms across the world will mark World News Day, a global campaign (more…)

Stop wildlife traffickers using Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wildlife trafficking hub and current laws are not enough. Change is coming, show your support and sign the petition to break the chain and stop wildlife traffickers using our city.

A new AR mural campaign is raising awareness and gathering support for a proposed law to prosecute suspected illegal wildlife traffickers under Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance that (more…)

Mask with care

Know the options and choose wisely and take care to use disposable masks only when necessary.

8/18 UPDATE: I launched a new shop to sell durable masks. Wearing a mask everywhere doesn’t mean dropping used masks everywhere. On my morning walk down to the (more…)

Make a gesture of kindness

We are often asked how to help when you see a homeless person so we made these cards to make it easy for anyone to make a kind gesture.

We are often asked how to help when you see a homeless person. Take a moment to acknowledge that right now there are hundreds of homeless individuals living (more…)

Space for dolphins

We need to secure a future for the Chinese white dolphin.

The Pearl River Delta is home to what’s likely the world’s largest population of Chinese white dolphins (Sousa chinensis). The population is rapidly declining due to human activity (more…)