Fin: The Movie

Hollywood’s latest scary movie is all about saving some of the 100 million sharks slaughtered every year.

OceansAsia founder Gary Stokes has finally revealed the secret project he has been taking part in and it’s a real life scary shark movie. “Everybody does blame China, (more…)

Kindness Matters Charity Market

Shop with heart this weekend and support those experiencing homelessness with friendship, food, shelter, education and employment opportunity.

ImpactHK has been given an opportunity to hold a market to raise money that will benefit those experiencing homelessness in Hong Kong. If you’re looking for a great (more…)

Stop wildlife traffickers using Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a wildlife trafficking hub and current laws are not enough. Change is coming, show your support and sign the petition to break the chain and stop wildlife traffickers using our city.

A new AR mural campaign is raising awareness and gathering support for a proposed law to prosecute suspected illegal wildlife traffickers under Organised and Serious Crimes Ordinance that (more…)

City Nature Challenge 2021

Get out, document our local biodiversity and put Hong Kong on the urban nature map.

Contribute to our growing database of biodiversity by taking and uploading local wildlife photos in urban parks, neighbourhoods and countrysides. City Nature Challenge 2019 DATE : 30 April (more…)