From Christine Loh

“We all love to have the information we want at our fingertips. This directory serves the purpose of letting us know about who is in Hong Kong to help us get in touch with our own “heartbeat.” The heartbeat directory is helpful to get us through our daily lives in this wonderful city which can, however, be extremely busy and stressful. The pollution does not help either. We can all do with regular assistance to keep our bodies whole, our minds clear, our hearts generous, and our spirits free.

It is wonderful that there are now more and more people and groups in Hong Kong who offer help to us to stay connected with what is truly important to our lives. The ever growing number of natural products and services now available here is a testament to the balance that individuals are always seeking to redress and restore the human condition where things have gone out of balance.

Perhaps the more materialistic ways of Hong Kong are being transformed to something more important to true human development.

This directory may well help each of us us to find ways to become healthier, wiser and happier.”

Christine Loh (March, 2005)

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