Hersha Chellaram

Yoga and meditation classes for beginners to advanced including special needs students

Hersha teaches Integral Yoga to manage stress, restore health and vitality and find a sense of inner-peace.

Hersha Chellaram
Certified Yoga Instructor, Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teacher Trainer

TEL : +852 6103 9642
EMAIL : info@hershayoga.com
WEBSITE : hershayoga.com
HOURS : By appointment

Classes and sessions include integral hatha yoga, raja yoga, cardiac rehabilitation yoga, prenatal yoga, yoga for mums and babies, yoga therapy, yoga for special needs children and integral yoga teacher training. Yoga is available to anyone who wishes to try. Whether you are flexible or stiff, young or old, in perfect health or suffering an illness, yoga strengthens and purifies the physical body and helps the mind relax and focus. Yoga can be gentle or challenging, depending upon how you approach your practice.

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