Go below the surface of pain

Persistent back pain, neck pain or joint pain could mean your fascia is stuck.

Fascia is a widespread elastic tissue that connects everything in our body and holds all our organs, muscles, nerves and blood vessels in place. Problems arise when it can not move freely due to old injury, infection or surgery leading to chain of events that causes chronic pain in a distant part of the body. For example, neck pain can arise from underlying stomach problems. Back pain can arise from from kidney problems. In other words, chronic pain is often only a symptom of a fascial restriction elsewhere in the body. 90% of musculo-skeletal pain is related to fascial problems around an internal organ.

Treating muscles when the underlying problem is fascial will provide short-term relief. Without addressing this fascial problem, chronic pain is likely to recur. Understand the importance of recognizing where pain arises from to develop effective strategies for relieving it.

Fascia connects to every part of the body and problems with the fascia can lead to stubborn, persistent pain. Learn to recognise if you might have a problem with your fascia. Manual treatments can effectively improve fascial restrictions and relieve pain.

By Richard Wickes

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