Mindfulness and meditation in HK

In the beginning, there was meditation.

The HK heartbeat community was born in a casual gathering among friends who met in living rooms to connect and share and support each other in our determination to live a more conscious daily existence.

It was 2001 and no small challenge, remaining authentic among a wider commercial community whose preferences leaned towards retail therapy and a variety of socially acceptable escape tactics. Most people thought we were crazy, so we didn’t speak much about our practice beyond the safe boundaries of our groups.

The world seems to be moving even faster, now, but meditation has caught the attention of scientists who have begun to measure and report the health and social benefits of mindful activities. We are no longer alone and today a young, connected generation is catching on to the power of the practice and embracing an ancient lifestyle in a modern way.

Whether your practice is religious or secular, meditation and mindfulness takes many forms and all share a common aim to bring our attention to our inner world with a view to enjoying more balance through awareness in our outer world.

These members of our HK heartbeat community invite you to begin your own practice … naturally.

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Mindfulness Centres

The Art of Living Foundation Hong Kong – Educational service non-profit organization founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to provide the Art of Living Course (member since 9-May-01)

Kadampa Meditation Centre Hong Kong – Non-profit organization with meditation and Buddhism practical studies programs for all levels of interest and experience (member since 23-Oct-01)

Plum Village Foundation Hong Kong – Non-profit and educational organization promoting the teachings and practice of Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh and Plum Village, France (member since 23-Oct-01)

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre – Meditation course, positive thinking, creative thinking, self esteem, stress management talks, workshops; all free (member since 24-Jun-02)

Raja Yoga Meditation Centre – Meditation course, positive thinking, creative thinking, self esteem, stress management talks, workshops; all free (member since 17-Nov-11)

Hanli International – Cynthia Hui, Promoting meditation and zen life in Hong Kong (member since 09-Feb-15)

Movement Meditation

Osho Information Center Hong Kong – Shreya, Meditation activities and groups; books and meditative music/discourse CDs by Osho (member since 04-Jun-02)

Carsten Holz – Certified 5Rhythms Teacher; Organizing regular movement meditation open-floor sessions; evenings and weekends (member since 25-Oct-02)

Moving Steps – Sheryl Feniger, 5 Rhythms® Movement Facilitator; Freestyle movement practice to enhance well-being and increase self-awareness (member since 13-Mar-11)

Mindfulness Practices

Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends – A group of friends hosting regular meetings to share the teachings of Bruno Groening (member since 19-Jun-02)

Hong Kong Vipassana Meditation Centre – Courses in Vipassana Meditation in the tradition of Sayagyi U Ba Khin as taught by S.N. Goenka and his Assistant Teachers (member since 02-Apr-03)

Siddhartha’s Intent – Public teaching on buddhism (member since 27-May-03)

Hong Kong Insight Meditation Society – Jessica Mui, Teacher; HK registered charity offering Vipassana meditation; mindfulness lectures, weekly meditations in Central and Kowloon; regular monthly retreats on Lantau Island (member since 15-Mar-05)

Diamond Way Buddhist Centre – Registered Hong Kong charity working with Diamond Way centres around the world and providing modern access to Tibetan Buddhism (member since 01-Jun-10)

World Meditation Academy – Non-profit educational organization dedicated to the development of inner peace education to create everlasting peace in the world at large (member since 30-Aug-11)

Mindfulness Teachers

The Potential Project – Peta McAuley, Registered I/O Psychologist; Mindfulness training for to manage stress and enhance well-being and emotional balance in public and corporate settings (member since 01-Apr-05)

Aude Mahoudeau-Campoyer – Therapist; Simple exercises to train your mind and body to become more conscious and deal with emotional and physical problems (member since 27-Aug-14)

Celine Pellarin – Sophrologist; Simple exercises to train your mind and body to become more conscious and live a healthier, happier, more enjoyable life (member since 26-Aug-14)

Elena Maria Foucher – Meditation Teacher; Teaching mindfulness via individual sessions and group workshops (member since 24-Jan-15)

Luisa Saccone – Mindfulness/MBSR Teacher; Mindfulness and MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) classes and workshops for adults, children and adolescents for harmony, balance and clarity (member since 10-Jun-15)

For more natural options, visit the HK heartbeat directory.

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