Fishing for trash in Aberdeen

On Saturday 25 June, local volunteers took a stand and lent a hand bagging the trashing of Aberdeen in the first event to raise awareness in HK’s little brother harbour. With a focus on creativity and positive publicity, the event was successful in engaging harbour stakeholders to become informed, inspired nature wardens of the oceans.

Fish for Trash in Aberdeen
A pop-up clean-up – join the next one

  • Volunteers sifted, carted, hauled, two truckloads of trash
  • Engaged local residents of the Aberdeen harbour community
  • Secured future support from the Hong Kong Fishing Association

The event started a conversation about the marine trash issue affecting the Aberdeen community while identifying sources of the trash and possible solutions. Volunteers stood by their decision to avoid blame and shame and instead will use the experience to find ways to improve the situation with the local community.

Extra thanks goes to Jo Wilson, Roz Keep, Darren Catterall, Julia Leung and Tracey Read who stepped up to work with volunteers and supporters and make this first event a success. Thanks to the FEHD for taking all the rubbish away in the truck – might need a bigger one next time.

Want to get involved? Get in touch here.

This may be the first time Aberdeen got a bit of love and awareness from our community but it won’t be the last … read more


Fish for trash results after two hours fishing in Aberdeen Harbour
Posted by Paul Zimmerman 司馬文 on Saturday 24 June: