From The Yoga Society of HK

Change begins with a single idea that, like a seed, sprouts and grows and creates more seeds that sprout and grow and create more seeds.

On behalf of The Yoga Society of Hong Kong, we would like to say THANK YOU to Kinzie and her work in making the HK Heartbeat Directory a successful reality.

Like the volunteers at The Yoga Society of Hong Kong, Kinzie’s Heartbeat Directory is a labor of love. The Heartbeat Directory’s goal to promote a better appreciation and understanding of alternative therapies, practices, philosophies to help enhance the lives of individuals in our community is a good and noble.

I am hopeful that many of you will see the fruits of Kinzie’s efforts as an example we should all follow. Through my many contacts in the yoga community, I know there are many people in Hong Kong who are interested in giving back to the community. These individuals either don’t know where to start or perhaps feel discouraged by some of the pettiness which exists in all of our humanness.

My message is a small one: remember that your thoughts, your words and your actions will cause an effect and that is what matters most. Those are the things into which you can truly make a difference for yourself and for others. Any and every effort is meaningful and does not go unnoticed. The effort may represent small steps, perhaps very quiet ones, but meaningful ones nonetheless.

The rewards of the universe are infinite and unquantifiable, so please do join The Yoga Society of Hong Kong in its support of the HK Heartbeat Directory.

(March 2005)