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Make a positive change for yourself and your family.

HK heartbeat personal members save 25% on our Acquavibe RO advanced 7 stage water filtration system and enjoy fresh, clean water at your fingertips free from harmful contaminants with added trace minerals and balanced pH — click here for your promo code.


TEL : +852 6033 3759

AcquaVibe water filtration system uses natural pressure, requiring no electricity for the best tasting water without ever having to buy plastic bottled water again. Not only will you feel healthier then ever but you will be doing your part for the environment. Water Filtration systems are available for home and office.

AcquaVibe water filters turn ordinary tap water into premium alkaline mineral water. All harmful substances are removed to at least 99%, before the water is revitalized and enriched with 72 trace minerals, eliminating impurities in the body. The result: great taste, fast hydration and a natural source of alkalinity for enhanced well-being — read more.

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