Natural (adjective)

“based on what is learned from nature”


prompted by instinct; based upon the innate moral feeling of humankind; in accordance with the ordinary course of nature; existing in or formed by nature; not treated, refined, etc; in its original or raw state; not artificial; having undergone little or no processing and containing no synthetic additives; having or showing feelings such as affection, gratitude or kindness that are considered part of basic human nature.

indigenous, instinctive, intuitive, legitimate, native, spontaneous, universal, unaffected, authentic, easy, forthright, genuine, inartificial, rustic, simple, sincere, straightforward, trusting, unpretentious, organic, unrefined, plain, pure, raw, unbleached, unmixed, unprocessed, whole, wild, sustainable, renewable, balanced, ethical, fresh

Author: heartbeat

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