PR cleanup with impact

We are super excited to see the efforts made by our leaders to give up a few hours  of air conditioned comfort and time with family in order to experience the front lines to pick up stinky trash on a hot and sticky Sunday morning.

“Once a person has participated in a cleanup, their awareness is permanently altered.” Kinzie

Even if this was a coordinated PR event, it has an impact.  ‪#‎bethechange‬

HKSAR government leaders pose for their team shot
These are the real heroes.
CE CY Leung chats with local South Lantau residents Bags of trash cleaned from the shoreline Media conference

Long term solutions

  • Share information about the impact of our daily choices
  • Collaborate with marine conservation green groups
  • Coordinate with mainland counterparts

Get involved and think about these things

  • How does the local population feel about the rubbish?
  • What needs to be done to prevent trash going in the sea
  • More recycle bins on the waterfront
  • Banning single use plastics from the coastal edges
  • Install drinking fountains along at public beaches
  • Advice to restaurants in about dangers of polystyrene

A few simple questions

  • What alternatives can be used instead of plastic?
  • How can we better collect used plastic packaging?
  • How can we encourage recycling the plastic?

Posts from the event

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