Positive News HK

Positive News – An Idea Whose Time Has Come

As we are currently living within a dominant materialism paradigm, where the news in which people trust often uses drama, misfortune and negative events to ‘sell’ news. Positive News aims to take on an entirely different approach, believing in informing the public of the inspirational side of the news, and the forward-thinking events and ideas creating a cycle that builds a platform for positivity and active change within the community.

Positive News, by nature, is inspirational, motivational and educational; raising awareness about the greater good in our society.

From Spring 2004 to Winter 2011, Positive News published a wonderful treasury of cutting edge and innovative initiatives across a wide spectrum of issues with 19 publications. Looking back at from the vantage point of 2018, anyone can see that Positive News was way ahead of the curve in tapping into the change-movement that is currently taking Hong Kong, the region and the world by storm.

Readers appreciate the inspirational stories and community whose impressions can still be seen within our streets today.

Author: editor