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When you’re looking for something but you’re not sure what, we’ve got you covered. Our members provide a variety of resources to keep you up to date with the latest products, services and programs available in Hong Kong … naturally.  Although we have come to rely on the social network for our resources, while we were updating this section of our directory, we found it surprising just how many reliable resources are not on Facebook.

When you still need a little help, our Natural Concierge is on hand to search for you.

Presented presented in order of joining HK heartbeat.


Natural networking and publications providing a road map for personal and social vitality  – more

MEMBER DETAILS : heartbeat
TEL : +852 6628 6153
WEBSITE : heartbeat.com.hk

Blacksmith Books

China-related non-fiction biography, business, culture, current affairs, food, photography and travel books. Founder, Pete Spurrier is the author of the Hiker’s Guide to Hong Kong series – more

MEMBER DETAILS : Blacksmith Books
TEL : +852 2877 7899

Graham Player

Retired practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine, specializing in Acupuncture, since 1979; reference and talks  – more

MEMBER DETAILS : Graham Player
WEBSITE : scoop.it/t/cancer-advances-knowledge-integrative-holistic-treatments

Philopsychy Press

Publishing online and print versions of books that take a philosophical and/or psychological approach to increasing self-awareness – more

MEMBER DETAILS : Philopsychy Press

CleanBiz Asia

Independent sustainability news website and media forum turning information into actionable knowledge with editorials, newsletters, videos and events – more


Green Living Education Foundation

Found in 2004 to restore natural wisdom and recognition of our basic responsibilities as global citizens – more

MEMBER DETAILS : Green Living Education Foundation

Environmental Protection Department

Public engagement for long-term strategy on environmental protection – more

DETAILS : Environmental Protection Department
TEL : +852 2838 3111 hotline
EMAIL : enquiry@epd.gov.hk
WEBSITE : www.epd.gov.hk

49/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Meat Free Hong Kong

Regular meetings and sharing information on veganism/vegetarianism and local restaurants – more

MEMBER DETAILS : Meat Free Hong Kong
TEL : +852 2443 6665

Go Veg

Free circulation magazine promoting the benefits of a meat-free lifestyle on our bodies and our environment – more

TEL : +852 6255 3190
WEBSITE : goveg.asia

Hong Kong Mountaineering Union

Route information, photos and comments on climbing sites in Hong Kong – more

DETAILS : Hong Kong Mountaineering Union
WEBSITE : hongkongclimbing.com

Consumer Council

Providing quality service for consumers and playing a proactive role in the furtherance of consumer rights and interests – more

DETAILS : Consumer Council
TEL : +852 2929 2222
EMAIL : cc@consumer.org.hk
WEBSITE : consumer.org.hk


Sustainable lifestyle magazine covering environmental topics in business, world issues, living, style, technology, travel and wellness; online and in print – more

DETAILS : Ecozine

AsiaSpa Magazine

Spa and resort magazine publishing content to help readers achieve a sense of balance and harmony – more

DETAILS : AsiaSpa Magazine
TEL : +852 2165 2800

Community Business

Charity whose mission is to lead, inspire and support businesses to continually improve their positive impact on people and communities – more

DETAILS : Community Business
TEL : +852 2152 1889


Free quarterly magazine for yoga practitioners published by volunteers to share knowledge, learning and experience – more

DETAILS : Namaskar

Hong Kong Outdoors

Information and advice on enjoying and protecting wild Hong Kong – more

DETAILS : Hong Kong Outdoors
WEBSITE : hkoutdoors.com

Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre

Local certification body of organic products set up under the Agricultural Development Fund to facilitate the development of organic farming  – more

DETAILS : Hong Kong Organic Resource Centre
TEL : +852 3411 2384
WEBSITE : hkorc.org

Hedley Index

Real-time economic costs of Hong Kong’s air pollution in terms of public health impacts and monetary value – more

DETAILS : Hedley Index
WEBSITE : hedleyindex.sph.hku.hk

Green Queen

Health and wellness media platform offering an online magazine, weekly and monthly newsletters and a healthy living directory with more than 2,000 listings – more

DETAILS : Green Queen
WEBSITE : greenqueen.com.hk

HK Discovery Ltd

Promoting environmental education in schools, youth centers, educational professional organizations and charitable organizations with ecological and cultural lectures and exhibitions – more

DETAILS : HK Discovery Ltd

The Green Patch

Local book on micro-gardening as an information source for anyone growing food in a confined space – more

DETAILS : The Green Patch

Healthy Living Asia

Natural health and wellness information for Hong Kong – more

DETAILS : Healthy Living Asia

Mango Menus

Local website published by a parter of MM Fresh Food with food shopping directory, recipes, menu planning aids and blog – more

DETAILS : Mango Menus
TEL : +852 6773 1012

Liv Magazine

Monthly free-circulation magazine about health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing in Hong Kong – more

DETAILS : Liv Magazine
WEBSITE : liv-magazine.com

HK Exlorers Initiative

Encouraging people to get outside and appreciate the city’s wild side; supported by the National Geographic Society – more

DETAILS : HK Exlorers Initiative

Go Green Hong Kong

A guide to sustainable living created by Wild Roots Organic Farm, Hong Kong – more

DETAILS : Go Green Hong Kong


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