City Nature Challenge 2023

Join the world’s largest collaborative biodiversity engagement exercise

Let’s put Hong Kong’s biodiversity on to the world stage.

Download the app and get out to take pictures that will help defend our winning record and contribute to our growing database of biodiversity by taking and uploading local wildlife photos in urban parks, neighborhoods and countrysides.

City Nature Challenge 2023

DATE : Friday 28 April -1 May 2023

PLACE: Everywhere

PRICE : Free


Last year, Hong Kong came second out of 419 cities in the number of different species observed. Hong Kong is a biological treasure chest.

Let’s get the data out there and help protect our riches into the future.

Here’s how to play

  • Download iNaturalist or Seek by iNaturalist onto your smartphone and register your free account.
  • Find any plant, animal, fungi or anything alive in and around your community
  • Identify as many specimens as you can; both wild and captive or cultivated (i.e. urban park flora)
  • Observations that are taken in Hong Kong between 29 April – 2 May will be automatically included in Hong Kong’s City Nature Challenge project.

Take photographs of nature (trees, plants, insects, birds, fungi, fish, reptiles, rocky shore, mangroves, etc) and upload them onto iNaturalist during event dates.  All observations will be collected automatically plus there’s no need to register for the local Hong Kong project.

Please take all the necessary precautions and follow guidelines to ensure your safety and that of your community.

NOTE: DO NOT take pictures of pets, potted plants, selfies, market fruits or vegetables or drawings of other animals.

The City Nature Challenge is a global competition that draws together cities from around the world and organized the California Academy of Sciences and the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.

To compete, citizens of participants cities take photos of plants and animals on the free app iNaturalist over 4 days in April.

More and more cities take part every year yet for Hong Kong, it is the largest collaborative biodiversity engagement exercise with more than 40 local organizations, institutions and schools involved including The University of Hong Kong, Caritas Chan Chun Ha Field Studies Centre, Outdoor Wildlife Learning Hong Kong and The Nature Conservancy.

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