This week we are ready for a reboot.

Our world has changed significantly in the past few years.

Our job of gathering useful information has evolved into verifying the accuracy of the vast amounts of material we receive every day.

Last week, two news items signaled an important shift. PepsiCo purchased Sodastream and Bayer’s Monsanto was fined. The market is paying attention to a growing desire to break our toxic habits.

Plastic has reached the headlines. Straws are the new cigarettes. Volunteers continue to lead cleanups. Customers are trashing the checkout.

Vegans are coming out of the closet and people everywhere are eating less meat. Sustainability and balance and mindfulness and conscious living are being used to sell everything from pudding to property.

Our community is more active than ever. It seems there is a festival every weekend this fall and we’re here to and make it easy for you to connect with people who share your interest in making a difference.

We’ll keep you up to date with what’s new and what’s on in Hong Kong.

Can you imagine what will happen next?



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