“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” George Lucas

This week we are making it up.

There is an issue to address that didn’t exist when HK heartbeat was born.

The idea behind this project was to provide a way for us to share information and stay connected with each other in Hong Kong’s commercially-focused environment.

At that time, the latest tech was email publishing so I figured it out and set it up and started inviting subscribers. When social media platforms began to appear a few years later, the tools seemed a useful way to extend, but not replace the service. This was partly because our members are specifically interested in exploring natural options. I entered slowly and observed the privacy issues and the use of anonymous accounts that led to all sorts of funny business.

Social media is neither good nor bad. It is a technology. By using it to see how everything is connected, we infuse color and beauty to establish a community that represents our best self.

My #villagelife and #naturalhk social media posts are designed to invite awareness to a world that supports us without conditions. It is a challenge to re-frame judgments and complaints into opportunities for constructive imagination. It’s easy to get sucked down the rabbit hole of bitching and moaning and blaming and when I notice that’s happening, I check myself.

When I feel overwhelmed by the waste of the super-incinerator or the short-sightedness of the bridge without rail or the sheer senselessness of the reclaimed metropolis, there are plenty of local beaches and flowers and birds to admire and reduce my stress levels.

I know I am not alone with this mission. This spring, I am seeing and sharing a wide variety of natural beauty on social — from the rare wild cat to the wild boars and the new species of butterflies that are calling Hong Kong home. Even the 7s gave sustainability a shot this year.

The wonders of nature will be on show this weekend at The Conscious Festival and we have lots of friends to catch up with at the Harvest Feast (we’ve got free tickets) and IRIS Wellness Festival later this month.

Sometimes it’s easier and sometimes it’s not. But, I intend to balance the ugliness and inspire the others and invite everyone to see and create from the perspective of beauty in all paths.

What are you imagining?


Founder, HK heartbeat

Everything is connected.
Listen to your own heartbeat.

“You can’t do it unless you can imagine it.” George Lucas

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Blue sky beach

Photo by Kinzie

Author: Kinzie

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