This week, we harness the power of emotion — energy in motion.

A single chainsaw is singing the heartbreaking song of progress next door.

After losing so many trees last September, it is hard to imagine anyone would consider taking down full grown, healthy, fruit-bearing trees. Yet, that is exactly what is happening on this vacant lot, leaving behind a scene of carnage in preparation for a new concrete house.

I am finding it hard to concentrate as these tears just keep rolling down my cheeks, remembering the shade and the shelter and the privacy and the birdsong this little patch of green has provided.

This is the world we live in, however. Some call it economic development.

Yes. I know. We must embrace change. If there is profit, they will build.

It does seem odd, given the amount of energy that went into righting two full grown trees felled by Mangkhut on a beach just over the hill last week.

Perhaps this is balance.

There is comfort in knowing our members are dedicated to being the change.

It seems hard to believe it’s been 10 years since Merrin Pearse first shared the Pachamama Alliance with us. It is great to hear he is rebooting Awakening The Dreamer in Hong Kong.

And there’s more good news.

Peggy Chan has launched community composting at Grassroots Pantry. Urban gardening is taking off with regular workshops. Entire seminars are devoted to celebrating the new green leaders. Liina is Curating the Beach to inspire continued cleanups by encouraging to us look at waste as treasure.

There were plenty of new products on display at LOHAS Expo and Vegetarian Food Asia last week from businesses intent on building a new mindful marketplace to reduce our impact on our natural world.

As the scent of fresh green carnage wafts in through open windows, I am curious about what will replace the beautiful trees (rest in peace) and I wonder when building will begin in earnest next door.

What dreams are you ready to build?


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