Earth Ecology Workshop

Join an intimate group of explorers in a supportive atmosphere of commitment to your well being and your evolution as a conscious individual. Feel more at home in your body, in your community and on your planet.

  • What timeless myths speak to our cross-cultural adventure?
  • What does it mean to be truly responsible in our social and ecological communities?
  • What can we learn from ancient peoples and wild places and add value to contemporary lives?

Ecomythic Psychodrama
A two-day workshop with Geoff Berry and Julie Lacy

DATE : Saturday-Sunday 29-30 January 2016
TIME : 9:30am-5:30pm
PLACE: The Good Lab
ADDRESS: L1, The Sparkle, 500 Tung Chau Street, West Kowloon
PRICE: HK$3,300
ADVANCE: HK$2,800 (until Dec 31)
ORGANIZER : Veronica Needa

Ecomythic Psychodrama is a new pathway to deepening our connections to authentic self, community and nature. Participants engage in creative action in an intimate group setting where knowledge and awareness are expanded through the vitality of the psychodrama process. Playback Theatre adds value in enhancing and deepening the workshop experience through open social dialogue and exchange.


Having introduced Playback Theatre to Hong Kong in 1996, Veronica returns with new ways to share her passion for playful mindfulness and creativity, introducing Ecomythic Psychodrama for personal and collective transformation.

“It was a privilege to be part of such profound and pioneering work. To combine ecology and mythology and to explore it on a personal level is an unbelievably powerful gift” Briony Tronson, Melbourne

Internationally renowned agents of change Geoff Berry and Julie Lacy have joined forces to create Ecomythic Psychodrama, a new, pioneering workshop. Both facilitators have roots in Melbourne, Australia, and travel worldwide sharing their knowledge and passion for a deeper experience of being human on earth. Open to everyone, this program is especially beneficial to mental health practitioners, healers and other agents of therapeutic outcomes.

During their unique process, dramatic action techniques are used in a journey of self-exploration and the story is further extended by placing the individual psyche in a biodiverse ecosystem of elemental, animal and other sentient intelligences. Ecomythic Psychodrama offers keys to create lasting connections with the more-than-human powers of nature and the universe.

Carl Jung’s principles from depth psychology inform the premise of the workshop, and are integrated with earth-based practices that expand our relationship with nature and the other, including the conjunction of opposites and shadow work.


Dr Geoffrey Berry, Facilitator

Dr Geoffrey Berry’s PhD was on the symbol of light as a representation of power, abundance and transcendence. His approach and concerns are ecological as well as spiritual, and his knowledge base includes modern, ancient and indigenous contexts. Geoff’s vision is to combine his deep awareness of mythology, mindfulness and the traditions of nature wisdom into a package that responds to our challenging times with poise, empathy and generosity. He has been Chairperson of the Melbourne Zen Group, owned and operated an arts business, managed a Higher Education institution, and has taught myth, symbol and ritual, archetypal psychology, cosmology and consciousness, as well as many forms of literary and cultural studies, history, philosophy and communications. See more at


Julie Lacy, Facilitator

Facilitator – Julie Lacy is a UK-registered psychodrama psychotherapist, educator and writer, with a performance arts background. She focuses on and is uplifted by Story, as the essence of building relationship with Self and others. As a practitioner of psychodrama, she’s enlivened by our stories in action, and how our engagement in spontaneity, play, drama, narrative and performative ritual connects us to our personal and collective unconscious. Julie has worked in prisons, hospitals, schools, universities, theatres, television, and government and non-government agencies in the arts and health sectors in Australia, Asia, and Europe. She has written for and performed in theatre and TV and has co-written a chapter in Healing the Inner City Child; Creative Arts Therapies with At-risk Youth (JKP). Julie has extensive experience working with trauma survivors and is a Group Facilitator for Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Service. Her professional interests include neuroscience as it applies to psychotherapy, intergenerational trauma, positive psychology and spiritual evolution.


Veronica Needa, Organizer

Hong Kong-born Eurasian Veronica has been performing, organizing and delivering training programs of Playback Theatre for over 25 years around the world. She now lives in London and is director of True Heart Theatre, founder-member of London Playback Theatre and a board member of the Centre for Playback Theatre. She is also an Accredited Playback Theatre Trainer and the founder and co-director of the School of Playback Theatre UK.

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