Teen Empowerment DayFest

Experts share tools to empower teens to navigate life’s challenges, plant seeds for their future and step into their potential.

Pure Potential Worldwide

Teen Empowerment DayFest
By : Michelle Harris

DATE : Saturday 23 March 2019
TIME : 9:30am-5:30pm
PRICE : HK$1,500 | HK$1,400 until February 25 (includes lunch and all materials)
PLACE : Platform Coworking + Events
ADDRESS : 120 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun
ORGANIZER : Pure Potential Worldwide
CONTACT : Michelle Harris
TEL/WHATSAPP : +852 9180 0763
EMAIL : michelle@purepotentialworldwide.com
WEBSITE : purepotentialworldwide.com
LINK : view on Facebook

Through fun and engaging classes, this 1-day event for 11-14 year olds inspires well-being practices teens can use for the rest of their lives, creating balance, self acceptance, inner peace, connection and joy.

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Helen Channie shares fun yoga for grounding and body awareness, aligning mind and body with breath and asanas that include group and partner poses.

Melissa Shadforth introduces practices to connect with our mind and body and understand how our personal values can influence our way of being and guide us to be our true self when gathering with peers and family.

Ayelet Idan teaches eating well with simple, healthy, vegetarian dishes to nourish your body and participants share the meal prepared.

Dr Katie T Larson leads an instinctive art session to create pieces of instinctive art using mixed media to help alleviate stress, tap into our inner wisdom and promote our creative instincts.

Lilian Fung instructs a hands-on class to identify your skin type and make your own natural skin and body care products (face wash, lotion and body spray) using the hormones of plants.

Cristina Rodenbeck guides a Kirtan session, chanting for inner peace to dispel worries, reduce anxiety, balance hormones and support emotional well-being.

Michelle Harris guides a meditation with crystals to connect to the empowered self and recognize your uniqueness.

POSTED : 12-Feb-19

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