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Since 2001, HK heartbeat has been dedicated to people interested in holistic living — for us, by us. That will never change. Today, HK heartbeat is taking its recognized combination of commerce and lifestyle to the next level. Our goal is to lead and spark conversation with the vision that our members will inspire even more action.

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We produce digital and print materials with a focus on simplicity, using plenty of images from nature that remind us of what’s important and leaving the words to speak for themselves. You will not find bouncy banners, violent videos, distracting deals, hurried hype or pesky pop-ups demanding your attention. Our restful space is designed to browse, explore and discover useful information that can help with active decisions for balance every day.

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“Thank you for creating this wonderful and much-needed community.” David Yeung, Founder, Green Common & Green Mondaysee more

“Love what you are doing at HK heartbeat; HK definitely needs more passionate individuals like you.” Michelle Lau

“I love your newsletter, especially your essay. I read it every week.” Sonalie Figueiras, Green Queen

“I always feel recharged after reading your newsletter. Most of them are meaningful and touching! I will keep it in my mind forever and ever! Thanks!” Dixie

“I love what you’re doing with heartbeat.” Tom Hilditch, Publisher

“What a great variety of events on your calendar! Thanks for making it easy for us to find nice things in our city.” Kumi Masunaga, Drum Jam

“Your directory is very comprehensive and the website is full of useful information” Vicky Lau, Produce Green Foundation

“Keep your wonderful work flowing.” Lindsey McAlister, Founder HK Youth Arts Foundation

“It is great to know that there is such a listing in HK, I am interested in some of those already.” Leung Puifung, Fair Taste

“Thank you, Kinzie for the update on all things thrivable and soul sustaining.” Teresa Norton

“Thank you for providing such a fresh approach and for introducing all natural products and services available in the city yet awaiting to be discovered by all Hong Kong people. The regular updates help us to lead our lives in a natural way and become healthier – both mentally and physically – despite the hectic and stressful pace all city people are having.” Sanja Dujic

Jeanette Wang, Health Editor, South China Morning Post
Jeanette Wang, Health Editor, South China Morning Post