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UPDATE: 29 May 2018

Rest in peace, Jac — we are certain you are sharing your vibrant, colorful energy wherever you may be.

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Buteyko’s Method of breathing reconditioning provides dramatic improvement (and even reversal) of many chronic health concerns including asthma, emphysema, allergies, coughing, rhinitis, sleep, anxiety disorders and stress.

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CONTACT : Buteyko Breathing Asia
TEL : +63 (919) 635 6060
EMAIL : buteykoasia@gmail.com
WEBSITE : buteykoasia.com

In workshops, clients are coached in a structure to enable correction of dysfunctional breathing patterns which allow them to safely reduce and often eliminate symptoms and the need for medication, while strengthening all the body systems, thereby profoundly improving well-being. Buteyko’s method was developed by Russian respiratory specialist, Dr Konstanin Buteyko and Jac Vidgen has been teaching since 1993. Breathing relates to eating, exercise, lifestyle and postural habits; private and online coaching is available.

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