News watch – January 2012

Solar power can help the billion people without electricity (Carl Pope at the Guardian – 5 January 2012)
Ironically, the world’s poorest can best afford the most sophisticated lighting

India’s Drug Trials Fuel Consent Controversy (Rama Lakshmi at The Washington Post – 2 January 2012)
1,700 people died in clinical drug trials between 2007 and 2010 while 2010 trials generated $300 million of business for India

Need a New Kidney? Check out Facebook (Donna Gordon Blankinship at The Associated Press – 1 January 2012)
More people are using social media sites like Facebook, Craigslist to find transplant organs

US has replaced 100-watt bulb with halogen and other technologies (David Shaffer at Star Tribune – 1 January 2012)
The incandescent bulb converts only 10 percent of the energy to light and the rest is lost as heat

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