Fresh 2012

This week, we get to start all over.

We are opening new calendars, appointment diaries and journals to blank pages waiting to be filled with our dreams.

Those of us who make planning a regular habit will fill in our targets and goals for the coming year and review our intentions behind them.

It is a time for making wishes and creating visions and taking some time to see what we will be creating in the coming days, weeks and months. This exercise makes it real.

Astrologers familiar with the Mayan calendar calendar are aware of predicted shifts in the year ahead. Many others are using 2012 to promote disaster films and security safeguards.

We are looking ahead to 21 December 2012 as another beginning … another fresh start. Like 2 sides of the same coin, no end exists without its other half, the beginning.

Whatever the case, a new year always offers new possibilities.

We like starting fresh and we use the new millenium or the new year or the new moon or the new month or the new week or the new day as a starting point. Bringing our dreams into focus helps us recognize the opportunities that best fit with our intentions and our goals.

Staying aware of our dreams and paying attention to our thoughts will highlight any gaps between where we are headed and where we want to be. Landmarks on a journey mean nothing if we haven’t chosen our destination. Diversions along the way are not always distractions. We can change the destination at any time. Our thoughts give us directions. Conscious attention to our deepest desires means they will inform each decision we make, bringing us closer without so much compromise.

We can identify old thought patterns that are running like a virus in our operating system. Becoming aware of the messages helps us see how we got where we are. It is the first step towards changing them. Learn more about thoughts with BodyTalk or meditation or just take a nice long hike.

Disrupting a pattern is one way of getting some perspective on that pattern. A change in scenery lifts us out of our daily routine. Nature offers stillness and quiet where we can listen to our mind traffic.

Use our newsletters, calendar, directory and library for inspiration in the year ahead.

How have you made your fresh 2012 start ?


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“I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.” – Henry Moore

Author: Kinzie

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